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Your Relative Must Have a Lawful Entry to Adjust Status in US (6/17/2019)
Immigration Medical Examination for I-485 Application of Status Adjustment (6/16/2019)
How Long Is an Immigrant Visa Valid, and What if I Must Delay My Arrival in U.S.? (5/19/2019)
What Happens to My Immigration Petition If the Sponsor Dies? (4/15/2019)
How to File the Financial Sponsorship for His Green Card Application (4/14/2019)
Can I Marry with an Illegal Immigrant as If I Was Marrying a U.S. Citizen? (3/6/3019)
Form DS-160 for both K-1/K-2 Visa Application and K-3/K-4 Visa Applications (3/5/3019)
Marriage Based Green Card Eligibility - Children born to Unmarried Parents (1/14/2019)
Do I Need to Renew My K-1 Visa after My I-485 Form Submission? (1/13/2019)
Date For Filing vs. Final Action Date, the Two-Tiered Visa Bulletin (12/17/2018)
How the K-3 Visa Works? and Can We Apply for the K-3 Visa for My Wife? (12/16/2018)
How to Calculate the CSPA age for Aging out of Child Green Card Application (10/29/2018)
Do I Qualify for U Visa, and How to Change My Illegal Status to U-Status? (10/28/2018)
My Form I-130 Application Has Been Approved, What Is the Next Step? (9/11/2018)
Can I Sponsor My Aunts or Uncles for their Immigration to United States? (9/10/2018)
How to Start a Procese to Bring My Fiancé into the United States (8/20/2018)
The Immigration Status after Married with an American Citizen (8/19/2018)
Can I Apply for U.S. Immigration for My Step-Brothers or Step-Sisters? (7/23/2018)
Do You Think This Will be a Problem for My I-485 Application? (7/22/2018)
Overstaying a Visa Can Have Significant and Long-Term Consequences (06/26/2018)
Could the Officer at the Canadian Border Deny my TN-1 Extension (06/25/2018)
What If the Immigrant Spouse Waits the Green Card Application in U.S. Illegally? (5/8/2018)
The Difference of Additional Evidence and the Initial Evidence (5/7/2018)
How to Obtain K-3 Visa to Come to U.S. While Waiting for Form I-130 Decision (4/16/2018)
Can I Self-Petition for My Family Members in My Home Country without Hiring a Lawyer? (4/15/2018)
The Form DS-260 for Online Immigrant Visa Application and Registration (3/5/2018)
The Basic Requirements of Green Card Petition for Spouse or Child (3/4/2018)
The Children's Green Card Eligibility in Marriage-Based Immigration Process (2/21/2018)
The Children's Age-Out and Second preference F2B (2/20/2018)
The Processing Time and Steps during the Family Green Card Application (1/11/2018)
The Following-To-Join Application for Green Card Holder's Spouse (1/10/2018)
2017 Immigration Questions and Answers
Application Process for Parents Getting a Green Card and Form Form I-864 (12/18/2017)
My Father Entered U.S. Illegally, Can I Sponsor His Immigration Application? (12/17/2017)
Do I Need the Paper Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record? (11/26/2017)
How to Prove Our Marriage Is Real or "Bona Fide"? (11/25/2017)
Real Marriage Documentation for the Interview of Green Card Application (10/17/2017)
How to Upgrade Form I-130 Petition After Becoming U.S. Citizen? (10/16/2017)
I Want to Know How Could My Marriage Impact the I-485 Process? (9/11/2017)
Could I Apply for Green Card for My Wife and Son as Relatives of U.S. Permanent Resident? (9/10/2017)
Can I Qualify as the Co-Sponsor for My Sister's Immigration Application? (8/21/2017)
The Two-Step Procedure Under the Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments (8/20/2017)
What Happens for the Pending Form I-130 which Was Filed by My Husband before? (07/17/2017)
Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens Do Not Need to Wait for Immigrant Visa Number (07/16/2017)
U.S. Citizenship Application and Good Moral Character (6/5/2017)
The Following-To-Join Benefit for a Permanent Resident's Spouse (6/4/2017)
The Two-Year Rule of Immigration Status for Widowsor Widowsers of U.S. Citizen (4/16/2017)
The Difference of Additional Evidence and the Initial Evidence (4/15/2017)
The Battered Spouse Waivers for Conditional Permanent Residents (2/20/2017)
The Following-To-Join Benefit for a Permanent Resident's Spouse (2/19/2017)
What Will Happen for Her Green Card If She Wants to Live outside U.S. for Long Time? (01/04/2017)
What Does a Sponsor Need to Do to Start an Immigration Process? (01/03/2017)
2016 Immigration Questions and Answers
Joint Filing USCIS Form I-751 with Troubled Marriage (12/12/2016)
What Should I Do If I Wait to Re-Marry here in the U.S.? (12/11/2016)
USCIS Increases the Filing Fees for Most Types of Immigration Applications (11/14/2016)
Can I Sponsor My Father's Immigration Application Inside the United States? (11/13/2016)
I Want to Know How Could My Marriage Impact the I-485 Process? (10/11/2016)
The Real Marriage Documentation for the Interview of Permanent Green Card Application (10/10/2016)  
The Waiver of Joint Filing Requirement to Remove the Conditions on Green Card (9/6/2016)
How to Upgrade Form I-130 Petition for My Wife and Children After Becoming U.S. Citizen? (9/5/2016)
Limited CSPA Coverage for K-2 Child before 21 Birthday (8/7/2016)
Can My Parents Adjust Status in U.S. to Get Their Green Card? (8/6/2016)
Can I File Divorce in My Home Country? (7/12/2016)
The Requirement of Sufficient Income to Sponsor Parents Immigration (06/06/2016)
Do I Have to Go Through an Interview Process for Form I-485 Adjusting Status? (06/05/2016)
How Could My Marriage Impact the My I-485 Application Process? (05/10/2016)
My Father Entered U.S. Illegally, Can I Sponsor His Immigration? (05/09/2016)
The Expedite Aging-Out Process for Child Green Card Application (04/18/2016)
The Overseas Adjudication of I-130 Petition (04/17/2016)
Differences Between Sponsor, Joint Sponsor, and Substitute Sponsor? (03/20/2016)
Application Related Fees for Filing USCIS Form I-130 (03/19/2016)
Documentation for Marriage-Based Green Card Application Interview (2/16/2016)
The Background Check for Form I-485 Adjustment of Status (2/15/2016)
How to Get Immigrant Visa after Form I-130 Approval for Brother/Sister Immigration? (1/20/2016)
Staying in U.S. for Additional Time - Grace Periods for F-1 and J-1 Visa Holders (1/19/2016)
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