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2009 - 2012 Immigration Questions and Answers

What Is the "Age-Out" for Me If I Reach Age 21 While My I-485 Application is Still Pending? (12/9/2012)
Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens Do Not Need to Wait for Immigrant Visa Number (12/8/2012)
Do I Qualify for U Visa, and How to Change My Illegal Status to U-Status? (11/09/2012)
The Immigration Status after Married with an American Citizen (11/08/2012)
The Battered Spouse Waivers for Conditional Permanent Residents (10/9/2012)
Can I Qualify as the Co-Sponsor for My Sister's Immigration Application? (9/10/2012)
The Difference of 'Additional Evidence' and the 'Initial Evidence' (9/9/2012)
How the K-3 Visa Works? and Can We Apply for the K-3 Visa for My Wife? (8/5/2012) 
Can I Self-Petition for My Family Members in My Home Country without Hiring a Lawyer? (7/16/2012)
Can My Wife Come to the U.S. to Live While Her Immigrant Visa Petition Is Pending? (7/15/2012)
Can I Sponsor My Aunts or Uncles for their Immigration to United States? (6/14/2012)
Could the Officer at the Canadian Border Deny my TN-1 Extension (6/13/2012)
What Does a Sponsor Need to Do to Start an Immigration Process? (5/22/2012)
What Will Be My Immigration Status If I Get Married to an American Citizen? (5/21/2012)
Receiving U.S. Permanent Resident Status on a Conditional Basis after Marriage (4/6/2012)
The Following-To-Join Benefit for a Permanent Resident's Spouse (4/5/2012)
If My K-1 Visa Application Is Denied? How Can I Appeal and How to Do It? (3/11/2012)
Do You Think This Will be a Problem for My I-485 Application? (3/10/2012)
What Could Be the Potential Consequences to Not Remove the "Conditions" in Time? (2/7/2012)
May I Start to Work for a Company with EAD, but without the Social Security Number? (2/6/2012)
Basic Requirements for a Green Card as a Spouse or Child of a U.S. Permanent Resident? (01/03/2012)
What Date is My Wife's Priority Date? (01/02/2012)

2011 Immigration Questions and Answers

U.S. Citizen's Parents Immigration Process and Requirements (12/09/2011)
I Want to Know How Could My Marriage Impact the I-485 Process? (12/08/2011)
Can I File Divorce in My Home Country, or I Must File it in United States? (11/07/2011)
Can I Sponsor My Married Child in My Home Country for Green Card Application? (11/06/2011)
My Father Entered U.S. Illegally, Can I Sponsor His Immigration Application? (10/03/2011)
The Validity Period for the K-1 Visa, and the Conditions with It (9/6/2011)
The Real Marriage Documentation for the Interview of Permanent Green Card Application (9/5/2011)
The Refugee and Asylee Applicants Do not Age-out and They Will not Be Expedited (8/9/2011)
What Will Be My Immigration Status if I Get Married to an American Citizen? (8/8/2011)
Could I Apply for Green Card for My Wife and Son as Relatives of U.S. Permanent Resident? (7/5/2011)
What is the Conditional Residence? and How to Remove the Conditional Status for My Wife? (7/4/2011)
How to Upgrade a My Form I-130 Petition for my Wife and Children After Becoming U.S. Citizen? (6/13/2011)
Does My Husband Need to File Another Form I-130 for My Daughter to Get K-4 Visa? (6/12/2011)
Application Related Fees for U.S. Citizen to file Form I-130 for His Wife Outside U.S. (5/11/2011)
Child Status Protection Act for Unmarried/Married Immediate-Relative Children under 21 (5/10/2011)
Can I Include My Parents in the I-485 Application as My Dependents? (4/13/2011)
What Is the Next Step for My Wife to Get Immigrant Visa to Enter U.S.? (4/12/2011)
Can My Brother Visit Us during the His Immigrant Application Pending Time? (3/10/2011)
What Is the Basic Procedure for My Parent to Apply for U.S. Green Card? (3/9/2011)
Can My Son Get Married during the Time of Form I-130 Pending? (2/6/2011)
Do I Subject to the Three-Year Bar to Enter United States? (2/5/2011)
What Should I Do If I Wait to Re-Marry here in the U.S.? (1/7/2011)
Do I Need to Resubmit a New Copy of the I-130 Application? (1/6/2011)

2010 Immigration Questions and Answers

What Is the Affidavit Income Requirement for a Co-Sponsor? (12/13/2010)
I Never Receive A Receipt Notice From USCIS Service Center (12/12/2010)
Termination of Current Procedure of Overseas Adjudication of I-130 Petition Under Consideration (11/07/2010)
How Could I Come to the U.S. in a Short Time after the Marriage with U.S. Citizen? (10/19/2010)
How Can I Apply for Green Card for My Sister and her Kids in China? (10/18/2010)
What Is the Background Check Process, and How Long It May Take? (9/6/2010)
Can I Travel to My Home Country during My Green Card Application Process? (9/5/2010)
The Waiver of Joint Filing of Form I-751 to Get Permanent Green Card (8/6/2010)
Why I Need To Do the Re-Fingerprinting for My I-485 Application? (8/5/2010)
Do I Need to File Form I-129F after the Form I-130 Approval? (7/10/2010)
J-1 Waiver Application after Married with a U.S. Citizen (7/9/2010)
My Boyfriend Is an Illegal Alien, Can I File Immigration Application for Him? (6/8/2010)
The Processing Times for J1 waiver Application (6/7/2010)
The Form I-134 as the Affidavit of Support for K1 Visa Application (5/11/2010) 
The Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practical Training for F-1 student (5/10/2010)
What Is the Difference between Marrying a US Citizen Abroad or in the US? (4/11/2010)
Can My Patents' B-2 Visa Be Extended for Another 6 Months (4/10/2010)
What Is the Difference between Marrying a U.S. Citizen and a Permanent Resident? (3/10/2010)
The Eligibility for Political Asylum Application in the United States (3/9/2010)
What I Should Do If I Want to Travel Overseas While Waiting for Green Card? (2/9/2010) 
How to Notify USCIS about the Change of Address after Form I-130 Approval (2/8/2010)
What Are the Requirements for Sponsor of a Family Based Immigration Petition? (1/14/2010)
Why My Country Does Not Qualify for Lottery Green Card Program? (1/13/2010)

2009 Immigration Questions and Answers

How Long Do We Need to Wait for My Wife to Get the K-3 Visa to Enter U.S.? (12/9/2009)
What Is the Advantage If I Apply for EAD While My I-485 Is Pending (12/8/2009)
The Following-To-Join Benefits for Married Green Card Holder (11/11/2009)
The Best and Short Time Way to Bring Her into U.S. Is to Apply for K-3 Visa (11/10/2009)
How Long Does It Take to Get U.S. Citizenship after the Green Card? (10/7/2009)
We Were Wondering If It Is Better for Us to Marry before She Gets Her Green Card (10/6/2009)
Can My Newborn Son Receive Social Security Number? (9/13/2009)
USCIS Medical Doctor Information for Medical Examination (9/12/2009)
How Can We Bring Our Son into United States? (8/14/2009)
Could You Please Give Me Some Idea About the "Expedite Aging-Out Process"? (8/13/2009)
What Is Necessary for Me to Enter the U.S. to Marry a U.S. Citizen? (7/15/2009)
Can I Bring My Girlfriend to U.S. Immediately after My U.S. Citizenship? (6/15/2009)
It is True that I Must Get I-130 Approval and Wait for Visa Availability to File I-485? (6/14/2009)
How Can I Bring My Son to U.S. after My Marriage to a U.S. Citizen? (5/15/2009)
Can She Self-application for the J1 waiver? and What are the Options for the J1 Waiver? (5/14/2009)
Conditional Permanent Resident Status for Children of Alien Parent Married to U.S. Citizen Spouse (4/9/2009)
I Have MBA Degree and Going to Work in United States for a Company (4/8/2009)
How Can We Bring My Nephew to the U.S. If We Adopt Him? (3/2/2009)
H-1B Visa Holder Plans to Marry a U.S. Citizen Girl in September, But Got layoff Last Week (3/1/2009)
The Eligibility for Following-to-join Benefit for Wife, before the Green Card Approval (2/2/2009)
How Could My Wife Take the Medical Exam for I-485 Petition? (2/1/2009)
What Is the Difference between Marrying a U.S. Citizen in my Home Country or in the U.S.? (1/5/2009)
Can I Use the Form I-485 Approval Notice for My International Traveling? (1/4/2009)
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