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What Could Be the Potential Consequences to Not Remove the Conditions in Time?


I have a two-year conditional Green Card based on marriage. Due to family reason, now I have only 2 weeks left to file the application to remove the condition. What could be the potential consequences to not remove the conditions of the Green Card in time?


Individuals who are conditional permanent residents need to pay careful attention to the expiration date of their statuses. Conditional permanent residence is granted in Green Card cases based on marriage, when the marriage is less than two years in duration at the time the green card case is approved.

Conditional permanent residence status is granted for a two-year period. This date should be clearly indicated on the Green Card. Toward the end of the two-year period of marriage-based conditional residence, the immigrant must file another application (Form I-751) to "remove the conditions" on the status. Failure to file the second application by the expiration date will result in loss of status and, potentially, even in being placed in removal (deportation) proceedings. It is sometimes possible to remove the conditions even if the deadline has been missed, but this is never guaranteed. Therefore, this deadline should be taken seriously. 




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