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Can I Sponsor My Married Child in
My Home Country for Green Card Application?

Help Desk:

I recently got my U.S. Green Card based on employment sponsored by my employer. As a U.S. permanent resident now, can I sponsor my married child in my home country for Green Card application?


Children of lawful permanent residents may be sponsored only if they are unmarried, and should not marry prior to the Green Card approval. However, if they marry after the I-130 has been filed, the petition will be deemed invalid, and neither the person nor the new spouse would be able to become a Green Card holder based on the Form I-130 filing. 

Therefore, unmarried children of lawful permanent residents, who are the beneficiaries of I-130 petitions based on this relationship, should not marry if sponsorship by a lawful permanent resident parent is the only avenue available to them for obtaining permanent residence. 





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