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2006 - 2008 Immigration Questions and Answers

The Extending Period of Optional Practical Training for F-1 International Students (12/2/2008)
The Sponsor of a Family Based Immigration Petition (11/4/2008)
How Long After Marrying a U.S. Citizen I Can Apply for a Green Card? (10/1/2008)
What is the Process for My Fiancée to Get Green Card after Our Marriage? (9/3/2008)
After You Become a U.S. Citizen, It Is Difficult for You to Lose Citizenship (8/5/2008)
The Three-year Bar or Ten-year Bar Requirements for a B Visa Holder (6/20/2008)
What Documents Will My Mother Need to Prepare for Me to Get a Visitor Visa to Come to the U.S.? (5/23/2008)
Can My Spouse Come to U.S. to Live while the Visa Petition is Pending? (4/30/2008)
A Green Card Holder Can not File an Immigrant Petition for Parents (3/25/2008)
What else Can I Do to Sponsor My Brother to Get a U.S. Green Card? (3/5/2008)
Can My Boyfriend Uses B1 Visa Entering the U.S. and then Get Married here? (2/11/2008)
Filed US Citizenship Application form N-400 and Has not Received a Receipt Notice (1/29/2008)
Travel Concern for 3-Year or 10-Year Bar on Reentry to the U.S. (1/15/2008) 
Change Address in Case Where the Person Has yet to Receive a Receipt Number (12/30/2007)
Can a Convicted Criminal Sponsor His Relative for an U.S. Immigration Application? (11/22/2007)
Prepare to Take Naturalization Oath Ceremony at a Local District Court (11/07/2007)
I Am not Clear to File Which I-864 Form, such as I-864, I-864EZ, or I-864W? (10/25/2007)
Does the Divorce Affect My Status as a Conditional Permanent Resident? (10/10/2007)
An Adopted Son May Enjoy Immigration Benefits before His 16th Birthday (9/26/2007)
Legal U.S. Permanent Resident Files Green Card Application Form I-130 for His Wife (9/11/2007)
What Forms are Required once We Married, for Application of Green Card through Marriage with US Citizen (8/28/2008)
The Procedures and Required Forms to Remove the Conditions on Permanent Residence (8/15/2007)
B-2 Visa Is a Non-immigration Visa, and She Has Immigration Attempt Already (7/25/2007)
How Long Does My Mother Has to Leave the U.S. Before She Can Enter U.S. Again? (7/10/2007)
The Differences of K1 Visa for Fiancée and K3 Visa for Spouse (6/25/2007)
Does My Recent Divorce Affect My Status as a Conditional Green Card Holder? (6/12/2007)
What Types of Family Immigration Have no Waiting Time and Numerical Restrictions? (5/23/2007)
Can I Stay in U.S. if My B2 Visa Extension Can Not Get Extension Approval in Time? (5/8/2007)
Fingerprinting Requirement for I-485 Applicants between the Age of 14 to 78 (4/24/2007)
How Could I Know If the USCIS Has Notified the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou? (4/10/2007)
The Immigration Process for U.S. Permanent Resident's Son (3/21/2007)
What Do I Need to Do to Remove the Conditions on My Conditional Green Card (3/6/2007)
The Following-to-join Benefit for a Permanent Resident's Spouse (2/24/2007)
The Unauthorized Employment and the Section 245(k) Eligibility for I-1485 Application (2/15/2007)
Can I Concurrently File I-130 Petition and I-485 Application for Family-based Immigration Case? (2/12/2007)
Receiving U.S. Permanent Resident Status on a Conditional Basis after Marriage (2/3/2007)
Do I Have to Report My Absent Period When Filing the Naturalization Form Later? (1/18/2007)
I Entered U.S. illegally, Could My Husband Apply Green Card for Me? (1/6/2007)
Can My Wife apply for Green Card by Herself as a Registered Nurse? (12/15/2006)
If My Father Passes Away, What Happens to My Green Card Application Case? (11/19/2006)
Do I Have Any Problem for the I-485 Application? (11/3/2006)
Can I Go the Canada or Mexico to Get the F-1 Visa Quickly at a Consular Post (10/12/2006)
I Plan to Travel to My Home Country in this Winter, Do I Have any Risk? (9/22/2006)
May I Start to Work for a Company with EAD, but without the Social Security Number? (9/12/2006)
The I-485 Application and Working Without Authorization for Less Than 180 Days (8/23/2006)
What Date is My Wife's Priority Date? (7/20/2006)
I Want to Know How Could My Marriage Impact the I-485 Process? (7/2/2006)
Is There any Chance for U.S. Department of State to Reinstate the Visa Revalidation Program? (6/23/2006)
The Refugee and Asylee Applicants Do not Age-out and They Will not be Expedited (6/5/2006)
What Will be My Immigration Status if I Get Married with an American Citizen? (5/21/2006)
I Want to Know What I Need to Prepare for the Visa Interview to Come Back to USA (4/25/2006)
Can I Include My Parents in the I-485 Application as My Dependents? (4/1/2006)
What Are the Recent Changes for the Student Visa Application And Clearance Process? (3/21/2006)
Do I Subject to the Three-year Bar to Enter US? (3/3/2006)
Traveling Outside U.S. with the Advance Parole (1/21/2006)
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