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Can I Apply for Green Card in U.S. as a Wife of Green Card Holder?


My husband is a U.S. Green Card holder (permanent resident), I am now in U.S. with a visiting visa. Can I apply for Green Card in U.S. as a wife of  Green Card holder?


A spouse of a lawful permanent resident must be in lawful status in order to apply for Green Card (permanent residence) in the United States. Since spouses of permanent residents have to wait an additional months for available immigration visa before they can apply for their green cards.

Thue, this means that a spouse of a permanent resident cannot apply for a green card in the United States unless the spouse has a long-term, nonimmigrant visa like some work visas. If the foreign national spouse’s status has expired, then he or she leave the United States and apply for the immigrant visa at the United States consulate overseas.




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