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What Is the Difference to Apply for My Spouse's Green Card now or after I Become as U.S. Citizen?


I am currently the Green Card holder. What is the difference to apply for my spouse's Green Card now or after I become as a U.S. citizen?


There is a quota on the number of spouses of lawful permanent residents (Green Card holders) who can become lawful permanent residents each year. Therefore, a spouse of a lawful permanent resident has to wait an additional eighteen months after the approval of the lawful permanent resident’s petition before the spouse can apply for a green card.

The second biggest difference is whether the foreign national spouse can apply for lawful permanent residence while in the United States. A spouse of a United States citizen who was admitted to the United States on most types of visas can apply for U.S. green card  in the United States even if he or she is currently not in lawful status. In other words, a spouse of a United States citizen who entered the United States on a good visa usually can apply for the green card in the United States even if that visa has expired or if he or she has worked without authorization.




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