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Application for U.S. Citizen's Spouse and Other Issues

The Form DS-260 for Online Immigrant Visa Application and Registration
The Children's Green Card Eligibility in Marriage-Based Immigration Process
The Processing Time and Steps during the Family Green Card Application
Do I Need the Paper Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record?
How to Prove Our Marriage Is Real or "Bona Fide"?
The Two-Step Procedure Under the Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments
What Happens for the Pending Form I-130 which Was Filed by My Husband before?
The Two-Year Rule of Immigration Status for Widowsor Widowsers of U.S. Citizen
Joint Filing USCIS Form I-751 with Troubled Marriage
The Waiver of Joint Filing Requirement to Remove the Conditions on Green Card
Differences Between Sponsor, Joint Sponsor, and Substitute Sponsor?
Application Related Fees for Filing USCIS Form I-130 (03/19/2016)
Documentation for Marriage-Based Green Card Application Interview 
How Long Does It Take to Get My U.S. Citizenship
Conditional Residence Green Card and How to Remove the Conditions
How to Prove a "Bona Fide" Marriage or Relationship for the Immigration Purpose
How to Fill the Electronic Immigrant Visa Application Form DS-260
Is It True that the Conditional Green Card Will Expires after Two Years?
Can a Widow of U.S. Citizen Apply for Immigrant Visa with Form I-130 by Herself
Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen Spouse Over-Stayed Illegally
Can I Marry an Illegal Immigrant as If I Was Marrying a U.S. Citizen?
How to Get J-1 Waiver after Married to a U.S. Citizen?
How Could My Spouse Become a U.S. Citizen after our Marriage?
How to Fill Form I-864 to Support Alien Spouse with Low Income and Assets
The Interview Process for an Alien Married a U.S. Citizen inside the United States
What Is the "Administrative Processing", and How Long It May Take?
We Do Not Want to Be Apart for So Long, What Can We Do to Avoid This?
International Travel after Filling Form I-751 for Petition to Remove the Conditions of Residence
Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens Do Not Need to Wait for Immigrant Visa Number
The Battered Spouse Waivers for Conditional Permanent Residents
Can I Self-Petition for My Family Members in My Home Country without Hiring a Lawyer?
Can My Wife Come to the U.S. to Live While Her Immigrant Visa Petition Is Pending?
Can I Sponsor My Aunts or Uncles for their Immigration to United States?
What Does a Sponsor Need to Do to Start an Immigration Process?
What Could Be the Potential Consequences to Not Remove the "Conditions" in Time?
Can I File Divorce in My Home Country, or I Must File it in United States?
The Real Marriage Documentation for the Interview of Permanent Green Card Application
What Will Be My Immigration Status if I Get Married to an American Citizen?
What is the Conditional Residence? and How to Remove the Conditional Status for My Wife?
Application Related Fees for U.S. Citizen to file Form I-130 for His Wife Outside U.S.
What Is the Next Step for My Wife to Get Immigrant Visa to Enter U.S.?
What Is the Affidavit Income Requirement for a Co-Sponsor?
Termination of Current Procedure of Overseas Adjudication of I-130 Petition Under Consideration
How Could I Come to the U.S. in a Short Time after the Marriage with U.S. Citizen?
Can I Travel to My Home Country during My Green Card Application Process?
The Waiver of Joint Filing of Form I-751 to Get Permanent Green Card
My Boyfriend Is an Illegal Alien, Can I File Immigration Application for Him?
What Is the Difference between Marrying a US Citizen Abroad or in the US?
What Is the Difference between Marrying a U.S. Citizen and a Permanent Resident?
What I Should Do If I Want to Travel Overseas While Waiting for Green Card?
How to Notify USCIS about the Change of Address after Form I-130 Approval
The Best and Short Time Way to Bring Her into U.S. Is to Apply for K-3 Visa
What Is Necessary for Me to Enter the U.S. to Marry a U.S. Citizen?
Conditional Permanent Resident Status for Children of Alien Parent Married to U.S. Citizen Spouse
How Could My Wife Take the Medical Exam for I-485 Petition?
What Is the Difference between Marrying a U.S. Citizen in my Home Country or in the U.S.?
The Sponsor of a Family Based Immigration Petition
How Long After Marrying a U.S. Citizen I Can Apply for a Green Card?
How to Upgrade a My Form I-130 Petition for my Wife and Children After Becoming U.S. Citizen?
Does My Husband Need to File Another Form I-130 for My Daughter to Get K-4 Visa?
What Should I Do If I Wait to Re-Marry here in the U.S.?
Can My Spouse Come to U.S. to Live while the Visa Petition is Pending?
Can My Boyfriend Uses B1 Visa Entering the U.S. and then Get Married here?
Can a Convicted Criminal Sponsor His Relative for an U.S. Immigration Application?
Does the Divorce Affect My Status as a Conditional Permanent Resident?
What Forms are Required once We Married, for Green Card through Marriage with US Citizen
The Procedures and Required Forms to Remove the Conditions on Permanent Residence
Does My Recent Divorce Affect My Status as a Conditional Green Card Holder?
What Do I Need to Do to Remove the Conditions on My Conditional Green Card
Can I Concurrently File I-130 Petition and I-485 Application for Family-based Immigration Case?
Receiving U.S. Permanent Resident Status on a Conditional Basis after Marriage
I Entered U.S. illegally, Could My Husband Apply Green Card for Me?




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