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The Interview Process for an Alien Married a U.S. Citizen inside the United States


I have married a U.S. citizen in U.S., and have submitted the I-485 application to USCIS to get Green Card. When do I expect an interview and what I need to know it about the interview process? 


Several months after you submit the I-485 application, you will be called in for biometrics/fingerprinting. Weeks or months after the fingerprinting, the two of you will be called in for an interview at an USCIS Office.

At the interview, a USCIS official will review the paperwork and make sure the immigrant is inadmissible. For example, has not committed any crimes or been diagnosed with a communicable disease of public health significance, and does not appear likely to become a public charge, because the U.S. citizen cannot provide sufficient financial support.

In addition, because this is a marriage-based case, the USCIS official will ask both of you personal questions to make sure that your marriage is real, not just a sham to get a Green Card.




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