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How to Get J-1 Waiver after Married to a U.S. Citizen?


As a J-1 visa holder with the 2-year home country residency requirement, how can I get the 2-year home country residency requirement waived after I marry to a U.S. Citizen? 


The mere act of marriage to a U.S. citizen does not waive the 2-year residency requirements that some J-1 visa holders are subject to. However, the "exceptional hardship" to qualified family members may help you obtain a J-1 waiver. Usually though, there are easier ways to obtain J-1 waivers. 

The USCIS denies some J-1 waivers which are based on exceptional hardship to family members. Better ways to obtain J-1 waivers also include "no objection" letters for non-physicians, and "interested government agency" sponsorship for physicians.




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