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We Do Not  Want to Be Apart for So Long, What Can We Do to Avoid This?


I am U.S. citizen, and I just married  my foreign wife in her home country. We do not  want to be apart for so long. What can we do to avoid this?


Sometimes in order to avoid a lengthy separation, the couple returns to the U.S. immediately after the marriage by using a visitor visa, and then proceeds to file the necessary applications once they are both in the U.S. Often the USCIS does not like this, and it is not uncommon for the USCIS to stop the foreign-born spouse at the Port of Entry, and exclude her from the U.S. as an intending immigrant. 

However, if the foreign-born spouse manages to enter the U.S., USCIS will not deny her application for a Green Card solely because she entered the U.S. on a temporary visa when their real intent was to remain permanently in the U.S. 

You can also apply for the K-3 visa for your wife, in order for her to enter U.S. legally while waiting your permanent residence.




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