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Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen Spouse Over-Stayed in U.S. Illegally


I am U.S. citizen, my fiancée is from a foreign country. She came to United States as a tourist and over-stayed illegally for more than 7 months. We would like to get married in U.S. soon. Please help me for what I need to do.


A green card application is available to any non-citizen who has married a citizen of the United States. Spouses of U.S. citizens are afforded more rights than other applicants for green cards, and can normally obtain a green card more rapidly than other immigrant applicants. These applications can be processed more rapidly than most other cases. 

Because you are a U.S. citizen and your fiancée was inspected by USCIS when she entered the U.S. as a tourist, she will be eligible to process her immigration application here in U.S. once you are married. Please check our web pages at http://www.greencardfamily.com/citizenspouse.htm, for how to apply for Green Card for you wife after youmarriage.




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