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Babington, Pittsburgh, PA:

"Thank you so much for the great advise and samples in the Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's Spouse DIY package. I successfully got my I-130 application and her immigrant visa approved for my wife in Hong Kong, based on the great information provided in the DIY package."

"It saved me a lot of time and money without hiring a lawyer who would crash me several thousand dollars. This is such a great victory we should share this story with others who are unsure about their chances for success. Thank You is just not good enough for what a wonderful change you have brought to our lives."

Raj, Columbia, SC:

"I would love to tell the world how wonderful our experience has been, how much love we have found, how great it is to be together, and how grateful we are to you for doing such a good job helping our petition to the USCIS. Thanks for your help for my fiancée's K-1 visa application with the DIY Kit, which was approved by U.S. Department of State and USCIS by the end of September. "

"Thereafter, we got married in U.S. and submitted I-130 application to USCIS VSC by applying your very helpful DIY application package. Now, My wife also got her work permit and a job. Thank you for all your help, which changed my wife's life in American."

Shen, Rochester, NY:

"What wonderful news! and how can I thank you enough! I can not afford to pay a lawyer to help me for my parent's immigration, so I need to prepare all evidence and forms by myself. To learn more information and process, I purchased your do-It-yourself package of green card application for U.S. citizen's parent, which helped me a lot for my petition."

"I learnt much more from your package and web site than from my friends and other web sites. I got my I-130 approval in a short time, mostly due to the credit of your powerful package. Many thanks and of course I am more than happy for you to use my remarks."

Doyle, Charlotte, NC:

"As a U.S. citizen who married with my wife in Belgium last year, I got my wife's K-3 visa application approved recently for her entry to U.S. and waiting for the I-130 form approval. I followed the information provided in your K-3 visa Do-It-Yourself Package, and it makes this complicated process much simpler."

"I hope I could get my wife's I-130 approval soon. For anybody who is serious about bringing a loved one to United States, there is no better service than this one. I am a very satisfied customer, and thank you very much."

Lugoovskov, Drexel Hill, PA:

"When we made the decision to get engaged and for her to come to the U.S., I felt so far away and alone, with enormous mountain of visa procedures and to try and get through. We needed to get good service who we could afford, who would lead us both through the minefield of paperwork."

"Your DIY package made this possible, and I cannot thank you enough for making it all happen. With the help of your excellent package for permanent resident's spouse, I received form I-130 approval for my wife in Thailand last month, which allowed her to apply for immigrant visa and have a visa interview at the U.S. Embassy. Your nice help and the package saved me thousand dollars of immigration lawyer fee. Thank you very much!"

Marie, Bethesda, MD:

"Working with your customer help stuff on my immigration process was one of the best things that ever happened to me. Not only is your level of expertise second to none, but I also found your service makes me feel I am the only client. After I purchased the Do It Yourself package for US citizen's spouse, my marriage-based conditional green card was approved within less than three month, and now I am already at the final stage of my immigration process."

"Thank you for all your help for my immigration and green card application. I am truly pleased with my decision to get your service and feel comfortable recommending your web site and service to any friend or associate."

Emma, Hinsdale, IL:

"More than one year ago, to apply for my husband's form I-130/I-485 applications, I hired a local lawyer who was not an expert in marriage immigration. After getting RFE for removing the conditions on permanent residence and other difficult questions, my lawyer basically had no idea of replying the RFE."

"From a friend, I got your web site address and purchased the package for I-485 Application for Family-sponsored Immigration. I replied the RFE questions by following the strategies and needed documents in your package, and got my approval after one month. Thank you for your help!"

Amelia, Boston, MA:

"As a U.S. citizen without immigration experience, I do not know how to begin the process to bring my older sister living in Poland to U.S. After I visited your exceptional web site, I purchased your package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's Brother or Sister, and I prepared all the application documents by myself with the help of your package."

"Now, I have the priority date for my sister, and just waiting for the immigrant visa number available for her. Thank you very much for your help and the very helpful package."

Murgan, Highland Heights, OH:

"It is my great pleasure to let you know that with the help of your Green Card Application for U.S. citizen's spouse package, my I-130 application was approved by TSC about 2 months ago, and I would also like to Thank You for the help in obtaining my wife immigrant visa. I am sorry I could not contact earlier but there were problems getting online in Philippines."

"I was there when I found out the visa had been approved, and was totally surprised. It is still hard to believe but its true. I am and would recommend your service to anyone who needs it. You gave us hope when we needed it. Thank you so much."

Johnson, Marietta, GA:

"Our previous experience with an immigration attorney was all but positive when we decided to turn our case to your service. After we ordered the Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's Spouse, our experience with your service turned out to be positive that we offered to write these lines as a gratitude to you for a successful result of our I-130 marriage green card application."

"Your passion for family immigration issue and service makes you an expert in the field. Your provided for me and my wife expedite help. Thanks for helping me with my marriage-based immigration case. You made the whole process streamline and simple."

Danik, Schenectady, NY:

"After many web site research, I checked your web page several times before buying your Do-It-Yourself Package for K-3 Visa Application. I selected your package because of the best information in it. I am very happy to use your package. I carefully wrote all the documents following your guidance and submitted them to the USCIS."

"In about one month, I got the receipt from USCIS, and my wife submitted K-3 visa application documents to the U.S. embassy, and got approved in 3 months! I am very glad to find your website and use your service on my wife's K-1 visa application, and I am sure it is very helpful for many people."

Villa, Greenbelt, MD:

"When I was informed this good news that my wife's Green Card was approved, my wife and I was delightfully surprised. This is quite incredible!!! Your people deserve all the praise in the world for your excellent DIY packages to help us. Please accept my deepest gratitude for doing an impeccable job. I feel extremely lucky to know your great service and package. This was a great experience for me and my wife."

Slavicinsky, Seattle, WA:

"The U.S. embassy just delivered her packet today, and we'll be getting married on the 20th in my home county. Thank you so much for all your help! Now all we have to do is get her permanent resident status changed. The Do-It-Yourself Package for K-1 visa application puts together a total solution for my fiancée's visa petition, which is really helpful for me. After I purchased the package and sent the I-129F petition to VSC, I got the approval within two months and without any question asked by USCIS. I believe your petition materials and samples are very practical and powerful.

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