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Year 2016 Emails from Customers for Questions
and Comments on Our Do-It-Yourself Packages and Services

***** Email from Natalia on 12/20/2016

Hi, Sir/Madam,

I am interested in purchasing your DIY packages, just want to make certain I purchase the correct one.

I am a old woman on a British passport visiting my family in U.S. My son-in-law is a US citizen. My daughter is a permanent resident. My visitors visa (VWP) will expire soon. I wish to stay permanently in the U.S., and will be supported and sponsored by my family.

The categories under which I can apply for permanent residence are vague and ill-defined, as they do not specifically cover my status as a mother-in-law of a US citizen or even the mother of a permanent resident married to a US citizen.

Please advise what category I fit into and what I may do to obtain either an extension to my visa or permanent residence, so that I do not have to leave the US. If possible an extension of 6 months to one year would be good. My daughter will be eligible for US citizenship next year.

Thank you.

***** Email from Yesha on 12/6/2016

Hello, Customer Service,

Thank you very much for your outstanding website andservices.

I am living in U.S. entered legally a year ago. My son is a U.S. citizen and we have applied for my green card.

I have done my fingerprint and waiting for the next step in the process. I already have received a letter from USCIS to submit some additional documents for the process. By now my visa has expired but my passport is still valid.

Can I make a travel within the United States using my passport? What procedures do I have to follow for my travel?

Thank you.

***** Email from Rashed on 11/28/2016

Dear Customer Service,

Thank you fro your very helpful website. I have a question.

My brother is a US citizen, he has been living abroad with his wife and children for almost 25 yrs now.  His wife lived with him in the US and had a green card prior to their decision to live outside the US. 

While in the US, they had two children born here in the US, worked here, and filed income tax.  They are now considering returning to the US and living here from now on. 

They are wondering what they have to do to make sure that both he and his wife can come to the US next year at the same time preferably.  They do not have a home here, but will be living with me and I will provide them any support they need till they found employment here. 

Any guidance would be appreciated it.

***** Email from Chuan on 11/19/2016

Hello Sir/Madam,

My friend gave me your website and I found it very professional.
I am a US citizen by naturalization. My mom now lives with me and she is holding a B2 visitor visa. One of my brother is abroad and he is only 18 years old, and not married.

Now, here is my question, if I petition my mom for an adjustment of status (Form I-485), can she in the same application include a petition from her toward her child, in order for him to obtain a green card after her application for adjustment of status is approved?

Thank you very much in advance.

***** Email from Marya on 11/3/2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

I found your excellent website while searching Internet for information. I have 2 questions regarding the Green card application for Siblings.

My sister is a US citizen and she is filing now  Green card for myself, my wife and son also included in the application.

1) Is USCIS is stopping the green card processing for sibling?

2) While filing the application form (I-130) shall I produce transfer certificate from my college, instead of my birth certificate?

The reason is Getting Birth certificate from my local administration take time.

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

***** Email from Grachev on 10/28/2016

Hi there,

First of all, I want to thank you for your very useful website! I current got my U.S. citizenship approved and want to apply my mom. She entered US legally but overstayed around 6 years.

I wonder if I can apply U.S. Green Card for her. And can your Do-It-Yourself package help me to apply her green card? Please also advise which DIY package I should buy.

Thank you.

***** Email from Manuel on 10/16/2016

Hi Customer Service,

I went through many articles on your excellent Web site at http://www.greencardfamily.com

I am U.S. citizen. I am applying for my parents to become permanent residence. I am in middle of filling up form ds260 online.

I have a question: I have is where they ask for number of children's. Whether they live with you or not. I have one brother who lives in california illegally and his case has been refused and he has outstanding removal order against him.

Should I use his california address or not on ds260 form?


***** Email from Hangsheng on 10/8/2016

Hi sir/madam ,

I found your web site and service is very powerful and helpful. I am a USA citizen, my unmarried son is 27 years. He came to visit me on a non-immigrant visa that is B2. He had a legal entry as well as legal stay for 6 months. I want to apply green card for him.

I want to know following few things clearly before proceeding. Please kindly help me .

1) Is there any benefit we have, as my son is in USA now.

2) Please explain me the steps to apply his green card.

3) Is there any adjustments status me or my son can apply to immigration so that he can stay in USA  legally ,even after his designated stay in  I-94.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely.

***** Email from Chizhikov on 9/28/2016

Dear Customer Service,

I came through your web site and I got interested in your service and do-it-yourself packages. I have 3 questions:

1) My children were less than 21 years age when i filed petition for US visa in 2005 for my family that includes my wife and both children. So will they also be eligible for visa now when my priority date becomes current? If yes, what paperwork is required for it?

2) As my father (petitioner) is not in very good health these days as he has cancer and considering his old age, in case of his death, I fear that my visa petition will be revoked. Now here i should mention that my sister is also a US citizen and can co-opt for me. What paperwork can I do to stay pro-active in case of my father's death?

3) Is there any way to expedite the immigration process on medical grounds?

Thank you!

***** Email from Igor on 9/16/2016

Hello Sir/Madam,

I came to know about your services from your website online from your website.

Actually, my family is in U.S. My 3 sisters are permanent residents in US. My mom-dad recently got Green Card last year and they were being there for more than 5 years.

My elder sister also applied for me along with my parents but since my age is above 21 years so my case couldn't be processed with my parent's case and it's status is still waiting.

 I just want to know that, Is there any other legal way with which i can get the US visa? And how much time does it take? My age is 30 years and I have done MS in Computer Science Engineering. Currently, I am doing a job of Assistant Professor in reputed college.

If there is any way kindly aware me about it. I shall be highly obliged and thankful to you.

Thank You.

***** Email from Liu on 9/6/2016


I find your very informative web site when I search the Google! I need some guidance from you.
I am a student in U.S. with my F-1  visa, and my sister is citizen. She is also married with an American citizen. Can she apply Green Card for me? If she can what should I or she needs to do to apply for a Green Card?

Also, will I get Green card quick since I am already here legally as a student?


***** Email from FengYi on 8/29/2016

Hi Sir,

I have been looking at your website for half year, and it helps me to understand the USA immigration process. My half sister is US Citizen. We had the same biological father but different mother.

My father impregnated my mom out of wedlock and since father is legally married, he couldn't claim responsibility of me. My uncle has been responsible for my welfare and has been stand as my father for over thirty year. Now, my half sister who is a U.S. citizen want to file for me to come and live in US.

Please, I need all your assistance on the kind of form to file me and will I be granted a Green Card.

Thank you.

***** Email from Anton on 8/14/2016

Dear Customer Service,

I just sent a payment through Paypal and I need this package urgently. Thank you

I am in need of a DIY package to submit a full Form I-130 and a full Form I-485. Please let me know what I can do to receive if there is anything else that I need to do.

Thanks again.

***** Email from Dario on 8/5/2016


Thank you for your great web site and very helpful service. I applied for adjustment of status based on my marriage to a US citizen, and I completed my biometrics.

I got a Request For Evidence (RFE) request for initial evidence, they requested for my wife's w-2s and that we did meet the 125% of the poverty guidelines, so we did get a co-sponsor.

Now the problem is, does she have to send an entire affidavit form and all financial documents, as she did before or she just needs that of the co-sponsor, since they already got the one we file before the RFE?

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Millisa on 7/28/2016

Dear HelpDesk,

My friend's daughter sponsored her from the Philippines. Her daughter became an American citizen about 5 years ago. She has been in the U.S. for 1 year.

My friend agreed to living with her daughter, son in law and their 7 year old son. She also agreed to help care for her grandson, prepare meals, and handle all other household chores. One month ago she was told to leave the home (which she reluctantly did), canceled her health insurance.

She has done nothing illegally wrong and had kept up her end of the bargain. A friend and her family agreed to let her stay with them on a very temporary basis.

What is her sponsor's financial responsibility?

I found your web site extremely helpful. Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

***** Email from Vijay on 7/13/2016

Dear HelpDesk,

Thanks for the wonderful information on your website and your previous answering for my questions, but I guess I did not explain it correctly.

When I said he has his I-485 in EB3 category I forgot to mention that along with his application there is a dependent daughter who was 16 at the time of filing and now is 26 years old and not married.

If I apply green card for my parents my sister will have to lose her status, so I was trying to ask if there is a way to quicken the priority date for my dad’s I-485 based on my citizenship.


***** Email from Joelisse on 6/26/2016

Hello Sir/Madam,

I have a question.I would like to sponsor the green card for my sister who is living in the US legally and has the H4-EAD.

If I apply/sponsor her Green Card now, while she is living here in the U.S., how long would it take for her to get it? It says current I am unsure of what/how would it be.

Any inputs is greatly appreciated.


***** Email from Ingrid on 6/17/2016

Hi HelpDesk,

I am a U.S. permanent resident, and recently got married out of U.S. I am currently completing my medicine degree in a foreign country, so I have to stay here for few months. However, I visit US at least once a year during this study time. I have applied for the green card for my husband as we both intend to live in US. And since my family is in US, they have already done the affidavit of support part for us.

I have bought the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Permanent Resident's Spouse. Our form I-130 got approved and our case is currently at NVC where the document review process is going on. 

Now my question is that since I am living out of US, as I am into my final year of medical studies. Will this cause any issue in getting green card for my husband? 

Please reply as soon as you can. 

Thank you very much in advance.

***** Email from Yong on 5/24/2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hello, I am a U.S. Citizen with a New York residence. I married a mainland Chinese wife in Hong Kong 5 years ago, and we live most of the time in China. She is a citizen of the People's Republic of China with a China passport.

I want to get US citizenship for my wife so she can live and work in the U.S.
You have a great Web site here helping people with their questions. Which Do-It-Yourself package should I order?

Thanks in advance for your help.

***** Email from Girish on 5/18/2016

Dear HelpDesk,

Thank you very much for answering my previous questions. I am a Canadian citizen with a U.S. permanent green card, which was obtained through marriage to an American citizen. After 10 years of marriage the marriage has dissolved.

Will I still be allowed to stay in the country even after I divorced him? and will it affect when I need to apply again for my green card when it comes up for expiration? Would I be better off to naturalized to stay in the country.

We have been separated for almost 2 years, and I have since met someone from back home in Canada. I do not wish to leave in the United States, and would like to see how I could sponsor my boyfriend/fiancé.

Thank you.

***** Email from Mahmood on 5/5/2016

Dear Sir,

I like your excellent web site, and the list in a "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for F1 visa".

I am from 
Pakistan and wish to marry a U.S. citizen girl. We both are agreed, but I have just B1/B2 visa, I need your assistance to obtain fiance visa, so I will be able to marry in 90 days.

Please suggest me a quicker way I was thinking if she come to me in Pakistan, and we get married hear, so is it useful or not?

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Tsuchiya on 4/27/2016


It is really great to see your outstanding website and services!. I am U.S. citizen.  Married a girl while stationed with military in her country. Retired military now working with a company and living in Boston. 

My wife has mentally handicapped brother of bout 50 years of age. He was living with his mother, but her mental and physical status has caused her to be unable to care for him so my wife is to get custody of her brother. 

Can we sponsor him to live with us in the U.S.? Get green card?  What options do we have if any? And what documentation will we need?  Any help would be much appreciated. 

Thank you.

***** Email from Xinan on 4/14/2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have approved application F4 brothers and sisters Green Card application, sponsored by my U.S. citizen sister. My application process started about 10 years ago. Now the visa bulletin is close to my application date. I would like to ask 2 questions:

1) I am living here 11 years. I came U.S. with visa, but I am illegal status, now I want to file the Form I-485 permanent resident, work permission and green card. Do I need to go back to my home country to do this?

2) Can I send my application now? or I have to wait to my month came?

Thanks for attention.

***** Email from Obeidi on 4/3/2016

Hi HelpDesk,

I want to buy the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's Parents. I have a question about immigration for parents.

My brother has US citizenship and wants to apply for green card for my parents. My dad married my step mother after my brother turned 18. Both my dad and step mother are 65 yrs old and we want to bring them to stay with us. Since my step mother is not my birth mom, per USCIS I cannot apply for her green card.  How can I apply for both of their Green Card together?

I do not want to seperate them as my step mother has some chronic illnesses - diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure. She does not have children of her own and we dont have any siblings in our home country to take care of them.

Are there any other visa category to show that my parents need to be together at this old age and with us so that we can apply for their green card? She has visitor visa that expires next year. Is there any faster way than waiting for my dad to become citizen and then apply for her? My dad would have to stay in U.S. to get citizenship and She cannot live alone.

Please help - appreciate a lot.

Thank you so much.

***** Email from Wang on 3/25/2016


I became a U.S. citizen and I was not aware that I have to notify the NVC to upgrade the F2A case for my wife and my daughter.

The F2A interview date is scheduled now. they has been waiting outside the U.S. almost 2 years, until her priority date finally became current.

Given that she has an interview date already, do I still need to contact NVC/Embassy to upgrade her case? Will this delay or change my wife and my daughter interview date?

Does my daughter will lose the beneficiary status and then I will have to file separate petition?

Please help thank you.

***** Email from Chiun on 3/17/2016

Dear Sir,

I am U.S. citizen from long time. First time planning to apply for my brother to U.S. in F4 catagory.

I know USCIS Form I-130 is needed. Is any other form also need to fill up? Is any fee involve or not?
I would like to buy the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's Brother/Sisters.

Advise me please, as you get chance.

***** Email from Sameer on 3/4/2016


We need help on the Form I-485 filed for my wife which I married on March of this year, after she entered the U.S. on a K-1 visa. We got married already, and got the marriage certificate from the county registrar office.

I am a U.S. citizen, and I petitioned her as fiancé which got approved and the K-1 visa was issued to her at the U.S. embassy. Her passport was stamped by Immigration officer, but no paper I-94 was issued.

We did not realize that we can and we should get her I-94 from the internet(we have it now). We submitted the I-485 earlier, but I-94 was missing, because we thought that the stamp of entry on the passport with A-number is the "I-94".

Will the adjustment of status of my wife be disapproved because of a missing I-94?

What should we do now? I am more concerned about her I-485 approval.

***** Email from Ananga on 2/28/2016

Dear Sir/Madam,
In my search on google for information, I found your wonderful and resourceful website.

I currently hold an H-1B status and recently got married. I am in the process of filing  the Green Card application - Forms I-485 and I-130.

My question is: can I resign my current job immediately after I submit my application to USCIS, or do I have to maintain my H-1B status until my green card is approved?
I am afraid that if I resign my job while the Green Card application is pending, I will lose my legal status in the U.S.

Please advise.
Thank you so much.

***** Email from Zakir on 2/10/2016

Good day Mam/Sir,

My daughter and I are waiting for our Green Card to come in mail, thank you very much for your Do-It-Yourself Package. I am planning to go back in our home country to get married to my daughter's father, after I recieved my green card.

What is the fastest way or better way for my soon to get my  husband to come here in the US to become a legal permanent resident?

Please answer my question.

Thank you.

***** Email from Amanyu on 1/24/2016

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was looking for details about family-based immigration on the internet and I came across your outstanding and very informative website. Your website was really helpful for me to get an overall idea about the process. I still have some questions and would like to have your opinion on it.

We are a family of four and my sister has Green Card. She will become a naturalized citizen next year. She then wants to sponsor 
Green Card for me and our parents. My questions are as follows.

1) Our parents are termed as immediate relatives according to USCIS website. How long do they have to wait before getting the 
Green Card?

2. She wants to sponsor 
Green Card for me as well. I am not married yet. According to USCIS, the wait times for a sibling from India to get the permanent resident status is huge. It is around 10 years.

3. Can my parents sponsor me for permanent residency after they get their permanent resident status? Is this legal? If that can be done how long do they have to wait after getting their permanent residencies? Please also let me know how long do I need to wait in that case?

Your website has been really helpful in gathering information about this process. It would be really helpful for me if you could answer my questions.

***** Email from Agbor on 1/18/2016


My friend got help from you before for his immigration application, and let me know your services and great web site: www.greencardfamily.com

I am a U.S citizen. I am filing USCIS Form I-130 for my Mom, but my income is not enough. However, someone is going to co-sign the Form I-130 for me. 

Do I have to turn in some other paperworks when I start filing them form? Or I have to do another form instead of Form I-130 for my mom? 

Thank you so much!

***** Email from Dayadu on 1/6/2016

Dear Sir,

You have helped me before and your answers really helped me a lot.

I have several questions: How long does it take for someone married to a citizen to obtain a green card after they have filed for the green card? and can the spouse  who has not received her green card yet go to school in America?

Can a green card holder marry an illegal immigrate here in the U.S. but the green card holder has one more year to file for his citizenship? is it okay for them to marry and then wait for the green card holder to file for his citizen and then file for green card for the spouse? 

Or will this cause a problem since they are both immigrates in the cause of the filing process after the green card holder had become a citizen.?

Thank you very much.

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