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Year 2020 - Emails from Customers for Questions
and Comments on Our Do-It-Yourself Packages and Services

***** Email from Susan on 12/27/2020

Dear Sir,

First of all, thanks for keeping a rather excellent site and helping people like myself. I am wanting to purchase a Do-It-Yourself package to applying for green card through marriage.

My husband and I got married about seven months ago, after about a five year relationship. He has been in the United States for about 13 years since he was 9 years old, when his parents brought him here. We are both aware that we cannot complete the process that will make him a US citizen until we have been married for a certain length of time, but we would like to get started now so that we can start a family soon but neither of us have any clue what we are supposed to do or where we are supposed to start!

So I just wanted to know if you can give me any information on how to go about beginning the process? We were also wondering about the laws that are in place now that would require him to return to Mexico for a minimum of six months. Is there ANY possible way we could avoid that, and if not will we know when he would be sent so that we do not decide to have children before he has to be away for an extended period of time? 

Thank you so very much for your time and we really appreciate any advice that you have to give us on the entire situation!! 


***** Email from Patel on 12/15/2020

Hi Customer Service,

I would like to thank you for your wonderful service. I have found your website very helpful. 

Myself recently got married. My wife is green card holder of USA. She received her green Card in June. So it will take 5 yrs to get her citizenship. I am right now in India working as Software Professional and my wife is there in USA.

Can you please tell me as which is the best option for me to come to USA (i.e.) on which Visa. Does my wife can apply for my green card now or it will take some time for applying. 

After it is being applied how much time it will take to get my green card. Kindly look into the matter and revert me back.

***** Email from Smith on 12/2/2020


Thank you very much for your quick reply. I have another question that I hope you can answer me. Dealing with the immigration officer is the biggest pain ever, hopefully you are more helpful.

I am an American soldier and I am recently married to a German national. I am trying to get her a green card for permanent residency. My question is what do I send in. I have to send in the I-130 and the affidavit of support or just the I-130 (I will buy the DIY kit for I-130 marriage based application)

Also, do we have to make an appointment with the immigration people first and then send it in or can we just mail it in with the application processing fee. please help, I am going to outside U.S. in a month and a half and we are trying to get all this squared away before I leave.

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Bansode on 11/27/2020

Dear Customer Service,

I want to express my sincere thanks for your previous support for my green card petitions. My EB-1 has been approved quickly, and I have received my green card with your Do-It-Yourself packages. Now, I am asking your further assistance for my daughter in followings: 1) H-1B petition; and 2) Family based Green Card application.

My daughter has completed her Under Graduate (BS) education from York College, is that your “H-1B, Do-it-Yourself” package is quite helpful for those students who are changing their status from F-1 (OPT) to H-1B?  I specifically need instructions on what “Forms” should I furnish, and how many copies of each document have to send at which Offices.

She is now over 21 (single), and therefore, I would like to submit a “Family Based Green Card Application” for her. Do you have a package that would be good for such application too?

I am looking forward for your kind reply before I make a purchasing order.  Thank you.

With regards,

***** Email from Arun on 11/19/2020


My husband and I have been married for 1 year and 2 months. He is an Irish Citizen living in Ireland. (We have been living there together up until now.) I recently visited an Immigration service through my church here in Florida and was informed that there were two ways that I could bring him over. 

The typical way- Spouse visa. My only concerns on this one is that the guy I talked to told me that it could take up to a year for it to be approved! We both have never been married before, have no children, have no criminal records or anything. How long do you think it would really take for our case to be processed and for him to be approved to come here?

The second way, I was told, was to have him come here on a visitor visa and stay for a minimum of 60 days. Once the 60 days is up, I was told, that we could then file for him to get a green card. Is this really a good idea? How would we know that he would really be approved for the green card and not deported? Plus, he'd have to be out of work up until he files for work authorization. By that time, couldn't he already be here on a spouse visa instead?

We are so confused and very unsure of what to do. We just want to be together and happy living out our future together. Any help at all on our situation would be very much appreciated! Thank you in advance! 


***** Email from Maria on 11/13/2020

HelpDesk Service,

A friend of mine gave me your outstanding web site address. I just got engaged to an F1-visa holder who currently lives in the U.S. He is awaiting his OPT (optional practical training) card. I have already done my biometrics for my green card (sponsorship through my job) and is just awaiting the actual adjustment of status. 

Will it be better for us to get married before my actual green card comes through so I can apply for him? What will happen if my green card comes through before we get married? I would like to opt for the best method that will allow my fiancée to get his green card as quickly as possible through me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

***** Email from Peter on 11/3/2020

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. I am a citizen and am trying to apply my mother for Green Card. I just ordered your Do-It- Yourself package for Parents.

My biological father passed away, and she remarried and had 2 step children from her new marriage. In form I-130 the space for her husband and children, shall I put in my name and my biological father Or her new husband and the step children?

Looking forward to your reply soon, Thank you,

***** Email from Singh on 10/24/2020


I have recently ordered a DIY package of yours about starting the process for a Spouse that's already in U.S. That is, my future Spouse, since, she arrived on a tourist visa. I understand all the forms and procedures that need to be filled out. But there's one thing I'm not sure about.

How quickly can we get married? My girlfriend came to U.S. on tourist visa and now we came to the conclusion that we'd like to get married, but I heard that this won't fly by the immigration officers, since it looks like THAT'S the reason she came here for, rather than tourism.

I know we want to get married and we will, the question is, how long should we wait so that we won't be committing a fraud? I've read that waiting 30 days before getting married is good enough for immigration office. Other information say, that 60 days is a safe approach. Which one is it?

I'd like to get married, but I'm afraid that if we do it too quickly, our marrying each other will be looked upon as the wrong way of doing it, since she just came over. 

Can you clarify this point? 

Thank you in advance.

***** Email from Zhang on 10/12/2020

Dear Sir: 

Since my parents got denied on the first applying of the visa (I did not prepare all these files, I did not know all these that time). So no matter how many and how well the files I prepared now, the officer in Consulate General of the U. S. A. in Beijing will always deny my parents, they even would not look at any file I sent. 

I have already given up for my parents' visiting, but after I read your website, I want to check if I could get the help from you. 

They did not want to immigrate to US because they have all their happy life in their hometown (they have their own houses, retirement payment, insurance, friends, grand children etc). They only wanted to have a short visit me. If I apply the green card for them: I'm afraid it would be too long to wait, they might be too old to travel. That is why I never wanted to apply this for them. 

So, my question is: Can you help to apply the green card in a short time for my parents with your Do-It-Yourself package for parent? If so, can you tell me what I should send to you? 
Thank you very much.

***** Email from Cho on 10/4/2020

Dear Sir,

My friend gave me the reference to your website and I found it very professional and informative. I'm going to get the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package, but I am not sure which one to choose. 

Kindly, I am new immigrant to united states, I got my green card from about 3 years, I need to take your opinion, I am wondering if I got married to someone her in US that have an tourist visa, could I update her status and make her sit with me, or she must return back to her country.

Thanks a lot for your help.

***** Email from Kumar on 9/29/2020

Dear Sir:

With the recommendation from my friend for your superb service, I am interested in "do-it-yourself" package for green card application based on marriage. But I am not sure which category is the fastest and best for me. 

My girl friend got registered nurse license (by an associate nurse degree) recently, but found out she cannot work as a nurse because of visa problem. my question is: is there anyway for her to work as a registered nurse? How could I apply for Green Card for her?

Here is her brief background: she had MD from outside U.S., and got her master of science degree in US, now working as a research assistant in a medical center with OPT, and applying for H1B visa.

Thanks a lot.

***** Email from Chen on 9/13/2020


Greetings. I came by your extremely useful and informative website. I want to apply for my Green Card at the earliest, but keep getting different opinions from different people.

I wanted to ask that my fiance got the US immigrant visa this year which was being sponsored by her mother who has green card. 

Now, is there any possibility that she can sponsor me for the US ? or what if I marry her and then her mother can sponsor me ? Another thing is that my fiance's elder sister also has green card, can she sponsor me if I marry her sister (who has immigrant visa as mentioned earlier).?

Kindly guide me into this and will really appreciate a solution / guidance from your side.

Looking forward for a early response.

Thanks and Regards.

***** Email from Shah on 9/9/2020

Hi Sir,

My husband is an US citizen & have filled I -130 form after order the Helpful DIY package from your services. Thank you very much for providing such a great service to I-130 applicants.

We got married in march of last year. Our application is lying at USCIS Service Center. But the processing dates are still showing slow moving. So I think it will take more 10-2 months. I am an Indian. Is there any other alternative where I can came early to US. please suggest.

Thanks & Regards,

***** Email from Wu on 8/29/2020

My wife is a U.S. citizen through naturalization. She received her GC, and she became a citizen thereafter. We got married in India in May of last year. 

I am planning on applying for Adjustment of status, EAD, Travel Document etc…, through my wife. Will I be given a conditional GC even though we are married for 5 years?  I was on my H1B now. I have applied for my I-140 and I-485 through my employer. I-140 got approved but my I-485 has not been accepted due to fee payment error. 

I have applied for another I-485 and EAD in the past using approved labor. The EAD was approved but the I-485 has been rejected due to mismatch of experience in the approved labor. Will this be of any problem now for my family based case? Do I need to mention about this on my I-485 application as past filing. Why I am asking this question is I don’t have any details about that as I changed the employer and don’t have any copy of the previous filing.

Please help me by detailing on the forms and process. Your advice will be of immense help.

Thanks all in advance.

***** Email from Lara on 8/10/2020


I came across your website, which is very informative and helpful. I'm a US citizen. My mom has a valid visa until last year. I'd like to apply Green Card for her.

I have a hard time to do fill out the forms (I-130, I-485, G-325A, I-, I-864, I-693...), Please help me to select a Do-It-Yourself package for my situation and step by step with samples. I have already had all the documents in hands (passport, birth certificates, I-94,citizen certificate, photos, medical exam reports)

My case is pretty simple, I just need a DIY kit to show me how to fill out the forms. Please advise me which kit is best fit me.


***** Email from Kchen on 7/22/2020

Hi Customer Service,

How are you? I was recently referred to you by an old client of yours. He had successfully obtained an I-130 approval. I am wanting to purchase a Do-It-Yourself package to applying for green card through marriage. I have couple of questions:

Which of the kit one should buy for applying for green card when a person holding F1visa/OPT marries US citizen? and do you offer help with answering basic questions while filling a petition like if a F1 visa holder marries US citizen in one state and applies for adjustment of status, does he/she have to apply for OPT?

What happens if both F1 visa holder and spouse (US citizen) have to move to another state what happens to the application that is filed in the first state?

Thank you.

***** Email from Chawla on 7/14/2020

Dear Sir: 

Sorry to bother you again.

My boyfriend is from Canada and has been working in the U.S. on an L1-A Visa (I-94) for the last three years. My question is how can he apply for a green card. We are planning to get married in the next few months. Does it make sense for us to apply for the fiance petition since he is already working and living in the U.S. - OR - should we just wait until we are married and file for the green card. 

If so, what forms do we need to file in order to change status from L1-A Visa to Permanent resident? Also, how long does this process take? Please let me know. 

Thank you. 

***** Email from Brenda on 7/7/2020

Dear Customer Service,

I bought DIY package from your site for my husband's Green Card application. Then, I applied I-130 for my husband as a LPR in early last year. The case got approved as well. I am going to take citizenship oath in 2 weeks, and am planning to file for my husband's Green card (adjustment of Status) as soon as I get my Naturalization certificate. My spouse has always been in legal status in US (H1B).

My question is - After I get my Naturalization Certificate, can I immediately file my spouse's I-485 and other docs together along with the I-130 approval receipt to USCIS or do I need to first notify NVC (National Visa Center) of my citizenship in order to upgrade the approved I-130 and wait till I hear from NVC?

I would really appreciate a response.

Thanks and Regards,

***** Email from Soumia on 6/28/2020

Dear Sir,

I want to buy the marriage based DIY package from your site. Basing on the feedback you provided in the discussion forum I believe that I qualify for marriage based U.S. Green Card. But to be more sure I would like your opinion, my profile is as follows:

I am married to a US citizen, with a 8 years old son from a previous marriage and we all presently live in Canada. We do not want to request approval from my ex-husband for my son to emigrate. 

We intend to all move to the US within 1 year and would like to start the application process. What package should I order, since I will be applying through the US Consulate in Vancouver, Canada?

Thank you in advance.

***** Email from Lanhaus on 6/14/2020

Hello help desk. 

I see your web site by internet and I am glad after reading about your wonderful service for Green Card. I have been through your website www.greencarfamily.com and studied it carefully.

I have a quick question. I have a green card. I recently got engaged. my fiance has a 10 year B1 B2visa. she is planning to visit U.S. this year some time. 

So can I merry her while she is here in states and file a form I-130 for her. and can she re enter U.S. on B2 visa while her I 130 visa is still in process. or does she have to give up her B2 visa and wait for her I-130 form to get approver in her country.

Please help.

***** Email from King on 6/6/2020

Hello help desk:

You have advised me to file K3 visa for my spouse. but only U.S. citizens can file that visa not green card holders. Please advice.

What is the K3 visa and who is eligible? The K3 visa is specifically intended for use by U.S. citizens who are sponsoring their foreign national spouse for immigration. 

However, the K3 visa does allow the spouse to travel to the U.S. and live with their U.S. citizen spouse while they are waiting for their I-130 immediate relative immigration petition to process through. 

I urgently need to answers for these issues.

Best Regards

***** Email from Pascal on 5/24/2020

Hello Sir/Madam:

I applied for my spouse (I-130) as a Green card holder 5 years ago, using your excellent DIY package for U.S. citizen spouse. The case got approved. 

I am going to take citizenship oath soon and my spouse will then file his Green card (adjustment of Status) as soon as I get my Naturalization certificate. My spouse is in legal status in US (H1B).

My question is - Can my spouse file his I-485 together with the I-130 approval notice to USCIS or do I need to first notify or call USCIS of my citizenship in order to upgrade the approved I-130 and wait till I hear from them? In that case how long will USCIS take to upgrade my I-130.

I would really appreciate a response.


***** Email from Zhong on 5/13/2020

Dear Sir:

Thank you for operating such a wonderful site. I appreciate all the information you have provided us with. I hope that you find the time to answer my question.

I am in the US on an L1 visa and will be marrying a U.S. citizen this year. I have read a little about the process to adjust status, but I have the following questions.

    1) Do you have a package for this type of adjustment?

    2) I will be traveling abroad immediately after getting married, but will only file for adjustment of status when I return – is this ok on the L1 visa?

Thank you.

***** Email from Susan on 5/8/2020

Dear Dr. William,

I am in the process of getting divorce of my husband of 22 years. I am Peruvian from birth but hold Australian Citizenship. I want to move to New York with my younger daughter as she is going to study there. 

My oldest one is currently living in Tampa, is 23 years old and wants to come to New York to do her masters and phd . Perhaps not living with me but close. I want to start a business and I do think after the divorce I will be having the money to do this. 

Now, my question is: I can fly to the USA and ask there for change of status or I can go to Delhi (as I live currently in India due to my husband’s job) and get the interview, etc. over there. What is more convenient for me? I would love to live India as soon as possible due to the divorce. 

What are my chances of being granted the Green Card and residency if I am already in the US and how long would it take? 

Your prompt response will be very helpful. 

***** Email from Sadeep on 4/26/2020

Hest Desk:

I am in the U.S. right now. I entered the country under the visa waiver program. my wife is a U.S. citizen and we received, last week, our approved I-130 petition. For this, Thank you very much for your very helpful DIY package of marriage Green Card application.

I sent yesterday a I-485 form with a advance parole and a authorization of employment. I won't have my green card before 6 months. 

My question: what is my status while my application is pending? Can I overstay my visa waiver program?

It look like I m allowed to do so but I didn't find anything clear in the title 8 of CFR, although I spent 4 hours reading it. I would like to find the part under which my case is because I want to be sure I won t be deported.

Thank you.

***** Email from Mary on 4/26/2020

Dear Sir/Madam:

I found your website very impressive and well-designed. And all of the user's comments make me have more interest to try your Do-It-Yourself package. I'm wondering could you help me to figure out which package will be appropriate for my status?

My husband and I got married about seven months ago, after about a five year relationship. He has been in the United States for about 13 years since he was 9 years old, when his parents brought him here. 

We are both aware that we cannot complete the process that will make him a U.S citizen until we have been married for a certain length of time, but we would like to get started now so that we can start a family soon but neither of us have any clue what we are supposed to do or where we are supposed to start!! 

So I just wanted to know if you can give me any information on how to go about beginning the process? 


***** Email from Aziz on 4/15/2020

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package. I am a US citizen and I plan to marry a woman from China , who is now is US with a working Visa which shall expire soon. I plan to marry her before the her visa expiration, so she will remain legal staying in US. 

Which package should I purchase to apply green card for her and what is the cost? And how long it takes for me to receive the package?

***** Email from Hoho on 4/11/2020


Thank you very much for answering my questions. 

I have applied for the Green card for my mother who is 84 years old. She has visitors visa at present which will expire soon. I have mean while in August of lays year have applied for the Green card  for her and we have already got the case number from Immigration office.

My question is weather I should file for extension for  her stay and need to file I-129 form ,or can she legally  now stay and wait for her green card. Please send your reply.

***** Email from Tenor on 4/2/2020


I'm hoping to invite my parents to the U.S. then sponsor them for the family-based immigration. I understand they need to have medical exams and show vaccine records at some point, but does the exam need to be given by USCIS-designated physicians, or can they have the exam done in their home country ahead of time? 

Will USCIS accept exam records by foreign physicians? Similarly for the vaccines - do they need to be taken here in the U.S., or can they obtain the records from their home country and be ready to submit? Again, the plan is to start the immigration process after they already arrive here.

Also, is USCIS really strict on seeing all the vaccine shots they listed as required?

Thanks so much for your help!

***** Email from Jafary on 3/24/2020


I am very happy to find your web site helping others like me.

My wife entered into the United States on A K3 visa last year. We have also received a notice that her I-130 has been approved and we need to file form I 485. In order for her to receive the k-3 visa she had to have a medical exam and I also provided the consul with an affidavit of support. 

Is it necessary for my wife to have another medical exam and to also fill another affidavit of support? And, also, I am correct to assume that she does not need to file for advance parole because she entered on k3 visa. Please help! This redundancy in filing is confusing us.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

With best regards.

***** Email from Chomba on 3/18/2020


I am working here in the US on an H1-B visa for about a year now and my employer will be filing for a green card for me soon (either in EB-2 or EB-3 category). 

I am currently unmarried and wanted to know about the prospects for my future spouse. If my employer files for a green card and I am not married, what is the latest time that I should get married in order to be able to include the my spouse on my application for green card? Does it have to be before/at the time/after application is filed? 

Further, does she have to be in the US before or at the time of filing of green card application by my employer or can she be in my home country during this time and can come afterwards whenever she wants to? At this time, if I get married, she can come here on an H4.

The reason I am asking this question is because I wanted to plan this out in order to avoid a situation where I am living here in the US and my wife will be living elsewhere (outside US) as if she is not sponsored on my green card application by my employer, then I will be waiting for a long long period of time to get her into US based on family sponsorship.

I will highly appreciate your response as it will help me a lot.

***** Email from Safaie on 3/3/2020

Help Desk,

I would like to thank you you for your outstanding website and Do-It-Yourself package.

I am US Green Card holder from Florida married to a Canadian Citizen, newlyweds got married. I was told it will take 5 years before he can come to the US when process...is this accurate, and is there anything I can do? We visit each other as much as we can but it's has been hard.

Hope to hear you soon, thanks.

***** Email from Mary on 2/27/2020

Dear Sir,

I am writing to thank-you very much for your help.

My boyfriend came to the US 15 yrs ago (from Russia) and still has not received a green card.  His paperwork is being processed all this time.  I believe because he was married once and divorced and that he's changed sponsors 3 times is why he hasn't received a green card yet, but I don't know that for sure.  

His father became a U.S. citizen 2 years ago and now his father is sponsoring him, they started that process 2 yrs ago.  We have been together 9yrs and have a child. I'm on his case about getting married and he says if we got married then his status would be kicked back to Stage 1. But, if we married, could his father still sponsor him or does getting married automatically change that?

Thank You For Your Time,

***** Email from Jean on 2/15/2020

Good Evening,

I came cross your web site, it is quite attractive to me. I am very much interested in your web site.

I would like to know what are the provisions for changing from B1/B2 visa to another visa form that will allow a non immigrant to be issued an authorization for employment and extension of stay in the US after the expiration of the 6 months mentioned in the I-94? 

The non immigrant is unable to return to his country because he has been subject to  threats to his life and has to abandon his job. Also the non-immigrant is having an I-130 ( Petition for permanent resident from US Citizen for his relatives) legally filed on his behalf, which extend 4 years and 9 months beyond the 785 days maximum as stipulated by the receipt.

How can we find a way that the non immigrant is not denied or have to return to his country under this circumstances? What will be the impacts of filing for asylum?

We were in the process of filing I-485 when I read a post on your website that says this form need to be filled concurrently with a job offer like I-140 is there any exception?

Thank you very much for your time. I'm looking forward to your reply.

***** Email from Morton on 2/3/2020


I am not US citizen yet, I am still applying for that...my question is I am Permanent Resident Card and im planning to get married my fiancée for 3 months. 

Now am I eligible to sponsor him and get him as soon as possible even duh I am a Permanent Resident Card? and how long it takes to process the papers?

Thank you so much. Your help will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much.

***** Email from Gill on 1/23/2020

I want to thank you for your very useful website.

I have a complex situation and I was hoping you may be able to answer my questions. I am currently living in the States on an H4 visa. I moved here with my family last year - my father is here on an H1B visa. 

My visa is due to run out on June 9th (my 21st birthday). The rest of my family visa run out in September. This has resulted in my father approaching his work to consider applying for a green card. Relatively straight forward you think.

However, I recently got engaged to my boyfriend, who happens to be in the US military. I was just wondering once my father has put in a green card application in for the family and we receive a number, how will me getting married affect this?

I am concerned that by me getting married, i will affect my family application. Also how would it affect my application?

I really appreciate your time. Thank you.

***** Email from Margarrida on 1/15/2020


I am very glad to find your website on green card application and I am sure it is very helpful for many people. I am writing this email to get your suggestion.

I have a question about how the immigration laws work. I have a friend that has grew up here in the us for many years. She is in her 30s now. She has always paid for I believe it's called a "TPS" in order to work every year. Then she got married and hadn't worked in awhile. She had a couple of children when she was able to work finally but only for two months according to the expiration date on her TPS. Well now she finally decided to go for a green card. She thought she had all the monies together that her husband is fronting because he wants her to get a job to help him pay bills. 

My question is basically wondering why can't she get some allowance to work to earn the monies she need to pay for a green card and to assist her husband in the household? Is there some type of temporary relief she can get to just work for a certain period of time or such? Being able to work will solve a lot of they re financial problems and difficulties. Please help.

***** Email from Bethan on 1/7/2020

Dear Sir,

Thank you so much for your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for US citizen's spouse, and detailed feedback and changes. After you pointed out the weaknesses of my I-130 petition, I feel so glad I got your help. 

Would it be possible if I can send my updated letter for your review? I understand giving a detailed review like the first one is time consuming. If you can point out the big problems of the content and some of the structure changes, like the ones you wrote between sections and after the sections, it will be very very helpful. If I can’t pass your review, I can’t pass the USCIS’ review. 

I highly appreciate your expert help. 

***** Email from Liming on 1/2/2020


I bought a "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for Citizen's wife" about 1 year ago from your website. I believe it is very helpful. My wife had her I-130 approved. The only thing we have to do now is file I-485 and if that's accepted, she'll be free to stay in the country, right? 

What would be the reason for filing a I-485 Supplement A? Does she need to send her medical examination report with the I-485 or do they have you do that later? 


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