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Year 2014 - Emails from Customers for Questions
and Comments on Our Do-It-Yourself Packages and Services

***** Email from Raddy on 12/14/2014

Dear Helpdesk,

Thank you for your quick response. I guess I did not state my question correctly last time. Here is my major question:

I am a US permanent resident. My girlfriend is a resident of China. She will apply B2 visa to enter US. Can we get married in US after she enter US under B2 visa? or Do I have to go back to China to get married with her in China? I prefer she can enter US to get married with me in US.

If we get married in US under her B2 visa, can this be seen as some form of visa fraud? Since I saw a similar question given by the following at:


The difference is that person is a US citizen, but I am a US permanent resident. She has an option of K1 fiancee visa, but I don't have. 

Thanks very much.

***** Email from Tina on 12/5/2014


My friend referred to your outstanding website and services.

I am marrying an immigrant who is out of status. I need to know exactly what forms to fill out because the website is confusing. 

I am an American citizen and he is living in the country with me, and I need some direction.


***** Email from Cizao on 11/29/2014

Hello, Customer Service:

I gone through your very helpful websites. I got plenty of information on immigration issues. 

I have a question. I am a LPR of the USA. My spouse is here in USA on F1 visa (student visa). Can I file I-130 and I-485 concurrently ? or Do I have to file I-130 first, then wait for priority date to be current and then only file I-485? What would happen if I file I-130 and I-485 concurrently?

I would appreciate your help. 

Thank you.

***** Email from Dannis on 11/15/2014

Dear Sir/Madam, 

We are thinking to file a petition of family based green card for my sister who is Canada citizen, and we are U.S. citizen. We have some question and like to consult you.

1. If we file the petition (I-130) first, will that prevent her from obtaining a TN visa which is a "working permit/visa" for Canada citizen to work in US? She is looking for job in US now, but have not yet settled. 

2. If she gets a job offer and obtains TN visa before we file I-130 for her green card, is there any issue or impact for her obtained TN visa?

3. Generally, a Canada citizen can enter US without the need of any non-immigrate visa, will the petition of I-130 prevent her to enter US during the I-130 pending period?

4. Is it still allowed to file I-130 and I485 concurrently and any benefit of doing so? What case is eligible for concurrent I-130/I485? Do you know how long for this process?

Many thanks.

***** Email from Junye on 11/7/2014

Dear Helpdesk,

I have read your  very helpful web site about family immigration. I have already got my green card. I plan to get married with my girlfriend who is a resident of China now. My questions are:

1. If we get married, it is beneficial to file I-130 (immigrant petition) immediately for her or not?

2. Suppose we get married, but I don't file I-130. Can she apply B2 visa to enter US?

3. Suppose we get married, but I file I-130 for her. Then can she apply B2 visa to enter US or not?

Is there a way that I have filed I-130 immigrant petition for her to make her in the waiting list, and in the meantime she can enter US and join me in US? 

According to current visa bulletin, it takes 3 years for her to get green card.

Thanks very much.

***** Email from Kombe on 10/14/2014


Many thanks for useful advice and prompt response. Your advice: "Get married first. Then she can use B visa to enter US (if she has B visa now). You file I-140 only first. After I-140 approval, your both file I-485 in US.” is best as we would like to be together soon. 

However, it is risky for us as we both can be out of job. With the budget deficit, my contract renewal is now uncertain. I am still hopeful for opportunities in my area of expertise.

If I may ask follow up question to help us explore an option with less risk, will my wife able to travel to the US using B visa when her immigration application at US Embassy is pending? Then, she will return for an interview when the Embassy determines an interview date.

Kindly advise.

***** Email from Boksoon on 10/8/2014


Your web site are very helpful about immigration matters we have. Thank you in advance for your help. I have a question regarding GC processing for a parent of a US Citizen.

I am a US Citizen and I am planning to file a petition for my parents who are both currently in the US on a visitor VISA. Their I-94 is valid till mid March of 2015. 

If I file I-130 and I-485 concurrently before the second week of September will it be OK as far of their I-94 expiry date is concerned ? How long before the I-94 expiry is it safe to apply for the I-485 AOS ?


***** Email from Yoko on 9/25/2014

Dear Customer Service:

I found your web site and service is very helpful. I have a question regarding GC processing for a parent of a US Citizen.

I am a US Citizen and I am planning to file a petition for my parents who are both currently in the US on a visitor VISA. Their I-94 is valid till mid November of 2011. If I file I-130 and I-485 concurrently before the second week of September will it be OK as far of their I-94 expiry date is concerned ? How long before the I-94 expiry is it safe to apply for the I-485 AOS?

My parent for whom I am applying does not have a birth certificate. But we got 2 sworn and notarized affidavits from friends/relatives. But I do not have the document from the local town of birth stating that they do not have the birth certificate. How important is this letter ? Will the application be rejected if we don't have this document of unavailability of birth certificate.


***** Email from Waseem on 9/4/2014

Customer Service:

I  would like to purchase your Complete Do-It-Yourself package for package U.S. Citizen's daughter. I am a U.S. Citizen. I want to apply for my daughter's residency here in the U.S. I would really appreciate it if you can send me the application and tell me the processes involved. Also, I would like to know how long (approx.) it will take for for my application to be processed.

Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to help me. Thank You.

***** Email from Anjum on 8/17/2014


I'm currently a US citizen & my husband who is a Salvadorian citizen is covered under TPS. Would I be able to help him to adjust his status?

Since he entered illegally in this country, I was afraid the new law will affect us. TPS is not guaranteed after this new 18 months they just got so I was considering start the process if possible.

Please advise.


***** Email from Linares on 8/11/2014

Hello Sir, 

I am really impressed with the immigration information available on your website, and your help extended to the people like us. 

I have my immigration processed through employment, but while that is going on I also got married to a green card holder, and am wondering if I can apply for a green card through my husband as well. 

Will that interfere with my other application? (My employment application is in Labor Certification stage, documents sent in, and is now awaiting approval)
Thank you, and look forward hearing from you.

***** Email from Mariya on 8/8/2014


I am currently working under H1B and recently got married to a US citizen. I have two questions regarding the green card application process. 

1. Do I just follow the "Green Card Application for US Citizen's Spouse" or are there additional procedures required for switching the status from H1B to permanent residence? (If yes, please specify process, forms etc)

2. At what point in the application process can I quit my job? 

I want to purchase your Complete Do-It-Yourself package for US Citizen's Spouse. 

Thank you for your help in advance!

***** Email from Maria on 7/28/2014

Customer Service:

Mother is MX citizen, lives in MX. Was married to dad about 17 years. Lived in US most of time. Divorced and dad died a number of years ago. Dad natural American as am I and my sister. Mom had GC during marriage and afterwards. Expired years ago. 

Q: do we need to do the regular sponsorship if parent, or does she get special path or treatment due to this special history?

Also she collects social security due to length or marriage, does that help?


***** Email from Iversen on 7/25/2014


Thank you so much for the information and help on your great web site www.greencardfamily.com. 

I am a little confused on the I-131 application for my husband, though? 

Did you mean the I-130? It appears that the I-131 is only for re-entry of citizens or refugees - my husband is Nigerian and has never been to the U.S. 

Thank you so much for your time in clearing this up for me. 

**** Email from Evgnov on 7/13/2014

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your previous information. Thank you very much, it is very helpful!

I believe my situation is more complicated, I was married to my spouse twice, we had the first interview and as a result my spouse was granted the two year temp. green card, we had differences because I believed that our marriage only existed because my spouse wanted the green card, so we ended up divorcing but we remained living together a couple of months later my spouse asked me be wed again, trying to convince me that it was done purely out of love, so the fool I was, we wedded again, after a short while our differences resulted in our separation.

Is there anything I can do to prevent my spouse from obtaining the green card? or would I just have to wait it out till my spouse got the green card and hopefully then he would peacefully grant me my divorce because I wouldn't be of any use anymore?

Thanking you for your time.

***** Email from Corrdor on 7/9/2014

Hi, Customer Service:

I am looking to buy one of your do-it-yourself kits but am not sure which one is best for my situation. My husband is an American Citizen and I am Canadian. We married in the US and both lived and worked in Canada until last year. 

He moved back to the US and I stayed in Canada so we could both work and decide which country would be best. We have 2 children who were born in Canada but we registered them as Births Abroad so they can have American Citizenships. I am visiting with him currently since I am on maternity leave. I travel back to Canada on a regular basis. 

We have decided to settle in the US and I want to live and work there. Can I apply from within the US while I am here visiting him? If so, what exactly am I applying for and what application package do I choose?

Thanks for your help.

***** Email from Nguyan on 7/2/2014

Dear Sirs, 

I hope you can help, as I'm getting very stressed about this now.

In April 2010, I flew into a U.S. international airport, and departed via the same airport, in may. Due to an oversight, myself and members of my family, forgot to hand in our I-94 green visa cards back in on departure. 

Having checked with my mum, she confirms that she does not have the green cards any longer, nor our departure boarding cards. She has the boarding cards from our flight TO the USA, but not FROM the USA. She thinks that she would have sent them off as advised, but cannot remember that far back. 

Please help me. Sorry to ask you this question. Thank you for your time. 

Looking forward to your reply soon.

***** Email from Prem on 6/22/2014

Dear Respected Sir,

First of all I would like to THANK YOU Great web site, and let you know my current situation . We are from Nepal and currently visiting in U.S. for business as well as for tourism.

I and my Husband are currently visiting US on B1/B2 visa status. We all have 5 years multiple visa and currently we can stay here till last week. 

I have only one elder sister and my parents . My sister is U.S. Citizen and my parents is U.S. green card holder in the based of us citizen parents and they all are living in USA. I do not have any family member in my home country Nepal. 

My husband's father and mother are passed away and he doesn't have any family member in our home country Nepal. He has only one brother and living in U.S. as a U.S. Citizen. 

The question is that as all of our family members from me and my husband are in U.S. and we don't have any family member in our home country from me and my husband's side. As well as my green card petition is also approved in the base of U.S. citizen's Sister . 

Is it possible for me to apply adjustment for permanent resident on the based of my approved petition of U.S. citizen's brother and sister while we are in U.S. in valid non immigrant visa status. 

Your kind support and cooperation will be highly appreciated. 

***** Email from Paul on 6/19/2014


I am a US citizen. My wife is currently here on a K3 visa. 

Her daughter is here on a K4 visa. I would like to apply for a green card for them, but am unsure of which package to order. 

I've read the descriptions, but am unsure if I should order the first package (Complete package for a US citizens spouse) or or the last package (K-3 / K-4 visa application) in your list. 

Thanks, in advance for your help.

***** Email from Cohn on 6/11/2014


I want to apply for Green Card for my girlfriend, by using your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's Spouse,

I'm a U.S. born citizen living in the U.S..  My  girlfriend is F1 visa student and is here on a student visa for 4 months. What are our options for her to obtain a green card to stay in the U.S.?

Also, we are planning on getting married, however we want to do everything legally. Are we able to get married while she's here and then file for her green card or will she need to go back to her home country first then return? We are not 100% sure on procedures.

If you can answer these questions it would be greatly appreciated. 

***** Email from Weijing on 6/2/2014


I was in a little bit of trouble with the law here in Canada. I had to go to court but the court dropped my case, as it was so minor, and I do not have a criminal record in the Canadian data base. The way that the Canadian system works, it will not show on my Canadian background check if i request one, but it would be accessible to the United States Customs, for a period of 3 years, once that three years is up, the complete history of that conviction is destroyed, and can not be traced by anyone.

The big question is...will this give me any problems of Marrying a US citizen and be able to live and work in the United States? I have read many different answers on this and am quite confused. Please if you can please help me out with this question. I am a good citizen who has not been in trouble since that day, and will never anything against the law in the future.

Thank you very much for your help! We really appreciate the information you posted on the web site. It may have helped thousands of people like us. Thank you again for the good work!


***** Email from Kim on 5/24/2014


I saw couple of blogs and your excellent web site. Hope you may help me.

I am on H1B working visa. I married to my wife who is a green card holder. I want to file my green card, I have few questions.

    1) how much time it will take to a green card in USA. She was here form 2012.

    2) Can I get EAD or work authorisation (adjusting status from H1 to EAD) so I can work for any company without requiring transfer of H1. If so how much time it will take to get EAD work permit.

Please let me know.

***** Email from Dejun on 5/12/2014

Hi, HelpDesk, 

Thank you for the service you provide. Your web site has always been a help to me. 

I have a question about my green card application. My husband has sponsored me for a green card. We got the interview in September; our case was approved, but we were told it is contingent on a background check by the FBI. This should take about 6 wks. 

I have to leave the US to defend my PhD. If I leave, I was told the green card application would be canceled. According to the processing times, it seems too late to get an advance parole... 

But I am not sure I need it anyway: Can't I travel on my H1b (providing I keep that job all along that absence abroad), without affecting the green card process? 

Thank you a lot in advance.

***** Email from Emais on 5/3/2014

Customer Service:

I am a bit confused, getting different replies to my question of "I married my wife here in the States, she was here out of status for about 4 months, overstayed here B2 visa" one reply said i can apply for her green card via I 130 and I 485 application and she will not have to leave.

Second reply they say, she is here illegally and I can not apply for her green card, and she will be deported. I am a US citizen by birth, and I need a clear correct answer to this question.

Thank you so much for your timely reply! This helps a lot in how to proceed, have a great rest of the week.

***** Email from Shinny on 4/25/2014


Please can you help? I've found your outstanding website and would like to buy one of your DIY packages.

My unmarried daughter age twenty-seven wants to join her father. We are divorced and he has re-married an American citizen. I think we need an I-130 but would like to do this procedure through one of your packages. Could you please advise?

Thank you very much for any help you can give.

Best regards.

***** Email from Lucas on 4/22/2014


I was on your website and I find it to be very interesting but I didn't purchase the package cause I wasn't sure which forms to file. 

I came to America as a F1 student, I receive a full track scholarship but my status expire in 2012 and I over stayed in the country. I got married in 2013 to an American Citizen and he wants to file for me but he's not sure how to go about it cause the Lawyer fee is way to expensive. 

Can you please tell me which forms to file?

Thank you.

***** Email from Shen on 4/11/2014

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I checked your web site, it is very attractive to me. My fiance and I are both working in the USA as researchers under H1B visas. My fiance plans to apply for the EB2 NIW green card very soon by sending the I-140 jointly with the I-485 forms.

We plan to get married sometime next year in our home country. How does it work for me regarding his EB2 application once we are married? Could I also apply for the green card as "his spouse" after our marriage? 

How should we process in case his application is still not approved when we get married or on the other side how should we process if his case is already approved when we get married.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Yours Sincerely.

***** Email from Mohamed on 4/2/2014

Dear Sir,

I, my wife and my oldest son got our green cards four years ago (employment based). Before receiving our green cards, we decided to go back to our country for the following reasons:

We have two American children, One was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Rett syndrome causing her a huge delay in development in the speech, motor skills and brain development. Treatment was too expensive and another problem that we faced is the delay of speech development is also affected by us talking Arabic at home while she is receiving speech therapy in English at school. To make a long story short we decided to go back and treat her in my home country. We received our green cards one month later. 

Now the situation has changed Heidi is still not developing much, scientists in the US has almost discovered a cure for her decease, the situation in my home country if you have hared is totally unsafe for the children to grow especially after the uprising events and lastly I've got a job offer in the US that should pay me well to be able to cover her treatment costs.

The problem is that since getting our green cards we did not go back to the US and we did not know that this may cause us to lose our green card. I'm planning to go back to the US soon and was wondering what might happen and what will be my options.

Your help is much appreciated.

Best regards.

***** Email from Macedo on 3/22/2014

Dear Sir:

You have a great web site here helping people with their questions. I have a question that I am wondering if you could answer for me.

I am a US citizen and would like to apply for  green card for my sister. My sister has 10 year tourist visa. With a wait of about 10 - 11 years, would my sister be allowed to visit the US? In my situation, can I order your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's Brother or Sister?

If you could answer this question I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your help.

***** Email from Guanlin on 3/19/2014


I want to file for a K1 Visa for my fiance by using your DIY package of K1 visa, but my fiance already has a F2B petition pending. 

Can both petitions be processed in parallel? The F2B could become current soon and we don't want to jeopardize it in the event the K1 doesn't get approved. Our concern with K1 is that we do not have sufficient evidence of having met in person, I only have airline itinerary/receipt and entry/exit stamps in my passport. 

We have no photographs, ticket stubs, or hotel bills. It was an arranged marriage type deal, so at the time it was just a visit to see a potential bride.


***** Email from Sun on 3/11/2014

Hi, Customer Help:

I found your web site extremely helpful. I am a green card holder. I am going to get married soon. I want to apply for green card for my new husband. If I file I-130 first, how long does it take to be approved? Given the current Visa Bulletin, does it mean I can not file I-485 even if the I-130 is approved?

His L1 visa will expire in 7 months and he can't get a new L1/H1 without leaving US for a year. How can I get him a work permit sooner?

Thank you so much!

***** Email from Mark on 3/5/2014

Customer Help,

I find your very helpful web site on Google!

As I long time green card holder, I retired in the USA and took an overseas trip to Australia. I ended up working there for the daughter company of the US company I retired from for ~3 years.
I wish to return to the USA, collect my social security and enjoy my retirement. During my US working life I traveled in and out of the US extensively, without any paper work other than my passport and green card.
Have I invalidated my "Permanent Residency Card"?  I don't recall a re-entry form ever being a requirement; my green card is valid till 2018. I did retain communication, bank accounts etc within the USA during this time.
Thank you.

***** Email from Brigandi on 2/28/2014

Dear Sir/Madan:

Your web site about marriage Green Card is very helpful, and I am interested in ordering "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for US citizen spouse". I have read your FAQs and I have a few questions. Hopefully your answers will help me decide the best course of action. 

My situation is this: I am a U.S. citizen with permanent residency in another country. However, my American mother is elderly and ailing and I must remain with her in the U.S. for the foreseeable future. I wish to marry a Turkish citizen. He is in Turkey now. We are in a hurry to marry, and we ARE eager to be together again as quickly as possible and not have to separate due to visa requirements. 

What is our best strategy for allowing him to join me in the U.S. for the winter and each following winter, and get permanent residency in the U.S.

I will be most appreciative if you can clarify answers to these questions.

***** Email from Rui on 2/12/2014


I am considering to apply for Green Card for my husband, using your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package.

I am marrying a immigrant who is out of status. I need to know exactly what forms to fill out because the website is confusing. I am an American citizen and he is living in the country with me and I need some direction.


***** Email from Sarita on 1/26/2014

Hello Sir or Madam,

I want to thank you for your very useful website. I am writing in behalf of my father who has a question.

My father is currently a permanent resident who holds a green card. He applied to petition my brother about 7 years ago since October 1999. And the petition is processing as of now. But the problem is my father is applying to be a US citizen and he wants to know if changing his status will complicate the process of my brother's petition. 

Recently my father learned that petitioning with a green card is faster than petitioning as a US citizen. But that information alone has gotten him no where with his problem. 

Please help as much as you can. Thank you.

***** Email from Wadhwa on 1/12/2014

Dear GreenCardFamily,

I was searching the web and found your site, excellent site very helpful.

I have a question that I could not find in your site. I am a US citizen and my mom came to visited me 8 months ago, she did not want to leave the country on time.

Now i am in trouble, I do not what to do, can she stay and I can apply for a green card for her? she needs to leave and apply after, if she does that, she may not able to come back, please give me a little advice.

I want to buy your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's parent. Do you think it will help me?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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