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Year 2018 - Emails from Customers for Questions
and Comments on Our Do-It-Yourself Packages and Services

***** Email from Allen on 12/27/2018


I was reading your very informative site, trying to get a better idea of what is needed to get my sister into the United States.

I am interested in your "Complete do it yourself package for US Citizen's sister". I had a question before I purchase the package.

My sister lives in India and she is currently looking to apply for a non-immigrant employment (H1 or L1) visa to come to the US. If I sponsor her for a green card now through the family option, will her non-immigrant visa application be rejected?

Thank you.

***** Email from Zhangjin on 12/15/2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you fro your excellent web site. I am wondering if you would be able to help me out with this question.

If a U.S. citizen filed an I-130 petition for a sibling who is present in the U.S. after lawfully entering the country, but is out of status and the petition is approved, can they file form I-485 for a green card when their priority date is reached without the applicant having to leave the country? 

Would it be necessary for such an applicant to file for a waiver and this would not be filed under section 245i?

Thank you very much!

***** Email from Danik on 12/4/2018
Hello, Family Green Card Service,

I have read your  very helpful web site about family immigration. I am 20 years old and a U.S. Citizen. I want to file petition for my mom and my two half-brothers - from my mom's side). They are currently here in the U.S. On a visitor's visa.

I know for a fact that you have to be 21 to file for petition, but my country is going through war at the moment and I can not let them go back there. My question is:

Is it possible for me to file for petition for my mom and my two half brothers? and Is there an exception for my situation? If not. What would be the best way to secure their status here in the United States?

Thank you.

***** Email from Sabrina on 11/24/2018

Dear Sir/Madam

A friend gave me your outstanding web site address: http://www.greencardfamily.com/

I am a UK citizen and currently reside in Scotland. I am single and I do not have any children. I am a home owner and I also have a mortgaged property which I rent out to a tenant. I am in receipt of a monthly Police Pension due to early retirement from the Police Service.

My sister and her husband moved out to Florida in 2002. They have a successful business and also have their Green Cards. My questions are as follows:

Can I be considered as a suitable candidate for emigration to the US if I can prove that I am financially sound and do not require a working permit?

I would stay with my sister and family and wondered if this would be advantageous in my application? I would appreciate if you could reply to my questions and if the reply is positive - would it be a good idea to apply via a lawyer?

Kind Regards.

***** Email from Shinagawa on 11/12/2018

Green card family service,

Thank you for the service you provide. Your web site has always been a help to me. I have a question about my green card application.

I got RFE because birth certificate was registered when my brother was almost 18. I had filed the petition 2 years ago. USCIS sent a RFE asking for evidence that was convincing and contemporaneous w DOB (meaning from time of his birth).

We sent 2 pieces of evidence. But they were both from recent dates. USCIS service center misread ( I think they do not read and just like rejecting petitions) and denied the petition saying  Evidence was not contemporary and did not show common parent (they misread latter).

So, I appealed to BIA which chided USCIS & remanded case back to USCIS for missing the obvious. Now USCIS sent me another RFE. But they did not give me option to provide DNA test which would have been iron clad. They say tertiary evidence like Affidavits by relatives on itz own won't be enough. We do not have primary or secondary evidence from old dates. So DNA was my hope. Anyway we can ask USCIS to give us DNA option.

Any other way to save the petition from getting declined?

***** Email from Shuhua on 11/8/2018

Hi Customer Service,

I am a US citizen, and planning to apply for green card for my sister. We know it's a very long process, but we were wondering while waiting can she and her family come and visit me here as they do normally?

She has 2 kids born in U.S. 5 years ago. My sister and her family have been here few times in the past for a visit already. Her B1-B2 visa is valid till next July. They would like to come and go while waiting for this process.

I appreciate your suggestion. Your advices are really professional and helpful for me to make sense to my green card application.

***** Email from Danesh on 10/29/2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

Your web site about family immigration is very helpful, and I had ordered "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for U.S. Citizen's Parent". My sister filed I-130 for me with my family 3 months ago, I got EAC number.

Currently I am in U.S. with family in legal status. Can I file Form I-485? Or is there any way I can stay legally in U.S. and wait for my green card? Please advise me in details.

Thank you and waiting for your quick reply please.

***** Email from Lee on 10/19/2018

He Sir/Madam,

My brother who is American citizen, and has filed a petition for residence for my parents. He has received notice that uscis has received the petition. Still not approved.

We will together go to U.S. for vacation my wife. We are worried that because of this they might not be able to go in the us.

Please advise if this is possible.

***** Email from Zhuan on 10/2/2018

Hello Customer Service,

I want to file I-130 today. Thank you very much for your DIY package help! Would you answer my last question:

I have a valid address in Florida with USCIS. In their website, it is mentioned that residents of some states including Florida should mail I-130 petition for their spouse to USCIS Phoenix lockbox. I am currently visiting my country of birth and want to file I-130 before coming back to the U.S. to save time.  However, it is mentioned that applicant who resides outside of the U.S. should send I-130 petition to USCIS Chicago lockbox.

Hence, I don't know where to file I-130 petition. Should I send it to USCIS Phoenix lockbox since I have valid address in Florida? or should I send it to  USCIS Chicago lockbox since I am filing from outside of the U.S, although I am just temporarily outside of the U.S?

Would you please help me with this?


***** Email from Bethan on 9/23/2018

Hi Sir/Madam,

I appreciate your suggestion and great webiste www.greencardfamily.com. I am a U.S. Citizen and my UK-passport holder husband has an I-485 pending, and he left the U.S. without applying for Advance Parole because his mom was sick. 

He left the U.S. on May 19th and his EAD arrived on June 10th.  His EAD clearly states "Not Valid For Re-Entry to the US."

Do you offer a package or can you tell me the next step for my situation? I know the I-485 is abandoned but to start over what should we do? 

Does he need to go to the US embassy in London to apply for a K3 visa in his passport? Can we use the same medical and biometrics that he already finished in the U.S.?  Or is he eligible to apply for a re-entry permit?  If he just gets on a plane, will they parole him into the U.S.?

Thank you.

***** Email from Ruiani on 9/15/2018

Dear Sir,

Kindly, I am a permanent resident 5 years ago, and I got re-entry permit to let me out of the United States for two years.

However, I returned to the United States last year, and I had been there for two month, and after then I come back to my home country.
I was wondering if you could advise me:

1) whether I can come back to the United States after expire date of my re-entry permit? with considering the matter this time I am planning  to live in the United States with my spouse (who is pending for Administrative Process for get F2A visa), and not return to my country.

2) If my spouse Administrative Process for F2A visa take time more than 1 year, should he re-interviewed?

Best Regards.

***** Email from Weni on 8/22/2018

Hello Green Card Family Service, 

Your excellent web site has always been a help to me.

I want to buy the Do-It-Youself package but I was wondering once I get the forms and stuff done, is there still filing fees?

I know different forms have different fees, so its hard to come up with that the regular way. So if its better to do it thruogh you? I would like to get this started ASAP.

Please let me if I have to spend more money once I pay for my packages. Thanks.

***** Email from Lusia on 8/18/2018

Customer Service,

My father in law was denied a visa from the Mexican consul to visit the US. It was under 212A. He is unable to apply again forever.

The reason was, he did not declare he was deported in 1996 in his previous interview.

Are we able to petition him for a green card?  What are the chances this could be approved?


***** Email from Rabi on 7/16/2018

Good day!

I was browsing the internet and your great website, about bringing with me my sister when my prioriy datee is current.

My husband filed an F2A petition for me and it is not yet current. My parents died recently, mother and father. I have 2 sisters, 11 years old and 18 years old.

They are both under my care, I am the one sending them school, giving all of their needs even when my parents are alive. My problem is, can I take them with me in the petition that my husband filed for me? I am their eldest sister and  I am the only one capable of looking after them.

Thank you.

***** Email from Hendre on 6/24/2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you very good web site. I am a Pakistani Citizen and living in Dubai for the last 20 years, my brother filed for my green card in November 2014. I got a letter from UCICS that my green card application is processed. 

Due to family dispute my brother had withdrawn my case. I checked with USICS and they mentioned that my brother had withdrawn my case. 

Is there a way to re-open my case as my brother who had filed for my immigration is ready to provide all support in order to re-open my case.

Appreciate your response. Thank you very much!

***** Email from Willy on 5/23/2018

Dear Helpdesk:

A friend gave me your outstanding web site address. 

I want to order a Complete Do It Yourself packagefor applyng green card for US citizen brother and sister. I have question that how long it will take to get that DIY package, and how can I ensure that the money I will be spending will get me the stuff that I need.

Please help me. Thanks

***** Email from John on 4/16/2018

Dear HelpDesk,

Thank you fro your excellent web site. I am wondering if you would be able to help me out with this question.

I am a US citizen and currently studying abroad. I turn 21 this year and want to petition for my parents greencard.

They do not live in the US. Could you please let me know whether it is possible for me to do so if I'm not continuously residing in the States and whether my uncle can co-sign or help me with the financial support/sponsorship while I'm studying and don't have a job? 

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

Cordially yours.

***** Email from Jimmy on 4/4/2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for the service you provide. Your web site has always been a help to me. I have a question about my brother's green card application. 

I am about to become a US citizen and wanted to sponsor my half brother. 

My brother and I have the same father but different mothers. My dad was married to my mother when he had an affair with my half brother mother. So my dad was never married to my half-brother mother. My dad is and has only been married to my mum.
My dad name is on my half brother birth certificate. 

Can I sponsor my half brother? what documents do we need to show? What should I do to get my brother immigrate to this great country? Please help me.

Best regards.

***** Email from Anna on 3/27/2018

Dear Sir:

I really appreciate your web site and your work. I am really impressed the way this site is designed to make the information related to immigration very clear.

I am a US Citizen. My spouse from Mexico is undocumented, without inspection. He has no criminal background. I see that yoy sell do it your self packages. I am really interested in buying one to start the green card process for him. 

Does the package incude all the required forms for the process such as the 601A for. Does it have when to file the forms? Step by step detail. I would really appreciate it. 

Thank You.

***** Email from Anil on 3/14/2018

Family Green Card Service:

Your web site about family immigration is very helpful, and I am interested in ordering "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for U.S. Citizen's Parent". However, I am still not quite sure whether I have the qualification. I was wondering if you can give me some suggestions.

I am brazilian and 25 years old. I have two brazilian sisters married with US citizen since 2008, now they are US citizen too. We are brothers by the same father but from different mothers.

Do I am elegible to apply for green card? If yes, I know that for some countries the waiting can be for years, how long it takes for brazilians ?

Thank you very much,


***** Email from Ryo on 3/5/2018

Dear Sir,

I am US citizen, and will be 21 years old next year and currently studying Architectural Engineering in a State university at Philadelphia.

My parents leave outside America but are responsible for our financial upkeep in America. If I want to file Green Card for them, how do I go about it considering the affidavit of support. I know for sure they can support themselves financially.

I appreciate your suggestion. Your advices are really professional and helpful for me to make sense to my green card application. 

Thanks again for your kindness!

***** Email from Lihua on 2/24/2018

Dear Family Green Card,

I have looked at your site and see that people are satisfied with your service judging from the testimonials. I am looking forward to you helping me with my questions:

My question is the following: I am a U.S. citizen and three years ago I applied for my brother to get a green card, my brother is older than 21 and married.  The Form I-130 was approved and he was issued a "Priority Date".  

Since it may take my brother like seven more years, starting from his priority date three years ago, to get his green card, my parents are thinking of applying to become U.S. citizens themselves and also apply for my brother with a new I-130 in immediate family category. Since they feel that if they apply, it would take a lot less time for my brother to get his green card, maybe like 3 years instead of seven more). 

Another question: since I applied for him first and he got a Priority Date already established, can he 'maintain" his original Priority Date from my original application, once my parents apply for him, and this way the waiting time may be even less than 3 years as of now? 

Thank you so much.   

***** Email from Robert on 2/16/2018

Dear Sir,

I want to use your Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Permanent Resident's Spouse,.

Your advices on my family situations are really appreciated. I am US citizen live in Houston area. My wife is Chinese citizen and works for a US firm in Beijing office.

My step son, 17 years old high school junior, is attending a boarding school in Michigan State.  We have two goals. Goal#1, my step son is trying to get his green card as soon as possible, which will help him to apply college in US next year.

Goal #2, my wife wishes to keep her current job working in Beijing for another 2-5 more years before she get her green card to physically move to US. Is this doable with your DIY package? If so what’s the best strategy?

Thank you.

***** Email from Anish on 2/4/2018

Customer Service,

I bought your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for Brother/Sister, and found it is very powerful. 

My elder sister had filed a case on F4 category. My husband and two daughters are with me.  One and half months ago, I have received a NVC Welcome Letter and instructed me for the next steps.

My daughters' birth year at school and college are different and do not match compared to NVC, otherwise month and date are matching. My husband got those paper typed by a unprofessional typist, after all it is a typing error. Their surname's spelling is little bit different as well.

Will NVC allow these changes? Can I change the year at NVC after arrival in the USA ? Will I have to wait longer than expected time due to these updating?

I am tensed and looking forward to your valuable opinion.

Best regards.

***** Email from Nayak on 1/8/2018

Dear Customer Service,

I am a US citizen and Asian and originated came from Malaysia. I have some questions on sponsorship my family members.

I am sponsoring my parents for Green Card who has approved for 10years visiting visa to travel to USA any time. I am doing I-130 & I-485 and I am taking my chance for file together. Shall I file each cases for each parents seperately?

At the same time can I filing for my sister and spouse together with 5 kids with current age of 20, 19, 16, 15, 10's)? If I can, shall I use one form I-130 with the entire sister's family members? If my sister only use 1 I-130 firm and why am I filling 2 I-130 for my parents? Is it because I file I-485?

If let say, my parents can sponsor my sister and her family down the road, which after 5 years of my parents full term of Green Card, how long does it takes the process? 10-12years? F-3 catagori? I am trying to chase the time. I would like to see which process the fastest way other then the 3-fastest way of getting Green card - Through my sponshonship vs. my parents sponsorship?

Thanks for reviewing my questions. Truly appreciate your guideance.

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