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Year 2022 - Emails from Customers for Questions
and Comments on Our Do-It-Yourself Packages and Services

**** Email from Lee on 12/26/2022


I am really impressed with the immigration information available on your website, and your help extended to the people like us. 
I am on H-4 visa in US. My elder sister is citizen of U.S. and she wants to sponsor me for family bases Green Card. I want to fill the required applications my self, so I want to know, which of your package should I buy and in case I get trouble in completing the application form, can I get your help and how will I get that help. 

Thank you so much for your timely reply!

**** Email from Renkel on 12/17/2022

Dear Help Desk,

Thank you for your previous information. Thank you very much, it is very helpful!

We arrived here in Texas with K-1 and K-2 for my 2 children. Thereafter, my eldest son turned 21, and I got married in U.S. We processed our adjustment of status (I-485). 

My daughter and I got our green card on, but USCIS denied my son's green card for the reason of his age of 21. But they issued a work permit and Parole to travel which are both valid for a year to him.

Please advise if he could stay here in America while waiting for my petition. Will it not affect his immigrant visa in the future once they approve it? Can he use the work permit issued to him to work?

Please please help.

**** Email from Tang on 12/8/2022


I want to apply for Green Card for myself, by using your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's Spouse,

I am currently living in the States with my family, and I am on an H4 visa. I am planning on marrying my fiance next April - He is in US Military. I will then need to get a green card.

I was just wondering if the I-485 form is the only form I will need to fill out? Also will I need the military to sponsor my application?

I would really appreciate your help in this stressful time!

**** Email from Reddy on 11/25/2022

Dear HelpDesk

Thank you very much for for response. I'm attaching the first version of  my cover letter. I'm still waiting for some recommendation letters and I need to create a list of exhibits but I've enough to start the  correction process. As you mentioned in your document, 'advocacy' is the  key word for this issue. I believe that I'm qualified to get my  application granted but I should convince other people about that. 

Sometime it's more important how do you say something than what do  say.... Considering that English is not my native language, I appreciate 
if you can check that letter for me.


**** Email from Cai on 11/19/2022


I checked your web site, it is very attractive to me. I had few questions regarding the immigration process. I am a permanent resident and have applied for citizenship ( I-400) recently. 

Me and my boyfriend who is on H1 want to get married. I want to know what will his immigration status be once we get married and will out marriage delay my citizenship process? Also if I become U.S. citizen, will it help accelerate his green card process or not, and if so how long will it take for him to become a permanent resident?? 


**** Email from Saidu on 11/5/2022

Dear Sir/Madam,

You have a great web site here helping people with their questions. I have a question that I am wondering if you could answer for me.

My Danish fiance has been legally in and out of the U.S. since we met one & half years ago (on a B1/B2 Tourist Visa). I am from the U.S. Virgin Islands, where we met and where he and I would like to live together. He's been working in Norway since we met, flying back & forth between there and my home.

He is highly skilled in a few areas with a degree in marine engineering. We're anxious to have a regular day-to-day life together and eagerly await that day.

How long from this date can we expect that he will be able to work here, in the U.S.? What is the full process? and What are the steps we need to take to get started?

I thank you in advance for your time.

***** Email from Jeffery on 10/27/2022

Family Green Card Service:

First of all, thanks to have an excellent web site and helping people like myself. I am wanting to purchase a Do-It-Yourself package to applying for green card through marriage.

I live in Canada and have been seeing this woman who is an American citizen. She lives in Boston. we want to get married and we do not want to be separated for a long period. Should we get married in Canada and then file immigration forms? or should I just go to her town on vacation and get married there and stay at her house and file the documents.

In other words, can they send me home if we get married while I am in the states on vacation? We don't care if it takes longer to get Green Card. We just want to be together, and she has a healthy income so money is not an issue. 

My only worry is that if I marry her in her home town while on vacation they will send me home. What is the best way?


***** Email from Alex on 10/19/2022

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have found that you are providing this really helpful service on your web site, and I'm very interested in ordering your services for K-1 visa application. I have a question and hope you can answer them:

If I order do-it yourself kit, will you assist me in process of filling out the form (over the phone or via email)? Will they review filled out forms? I realize that K-1 process consists of several steps, many forms and may be lengthy.


***** Email from Thangavelu on 10/5/2022

Hi Sir,

I would like to thank you for your wonderful service. I have found your website very helpful. I am a citizen of India. I have been in the US on temporary worker visa. I met and fell in love with my fiancee who is a natural born citizen in the Unites States. We both intend to get married in the US. I would like some information about the following questions:

1) what is the easiest and quickest way for us to obtain my Permanent residency in the US, at the same time keep my current job? and what is the process involved?

2) how long does this process typically take and how much does this cost?

Neither me nor my fiancee have been married before. My employer has already filed a labor PERM application for me (in processing) in plans to pursue my Green Card in the EB3 category. But me and my finacee would not like to endure the long wait times involved in EB3 category. Hence we are exploring other options. My H1B visa is valid until Sep next year. My employer intends to file for an extension soon.

Thanks for you time and advice,


***** Email from Nick on 9/29/2022

Dear Sir/Madam,

I greatly appreciate your expert opinion and your help with my questions.

I am a US citizen and currently sponsoring a foreign student who has a F-1 visa and has now been in the USA for over six month. Her F-1 is still valid, as she continues to maintain her I-20 valid by being a full time student in a university. 

We got to know each other while I was on a work assignment in her country. We have fallen in love and now plan to get married. What is the process for changing her visa status and applying for her Green Card, after we legally get married? Should we expect any difficulties in this process, because she came in to the USA with a student visa? How long does this process take and would she be able to travel out country? What would the overall cost be, considering a Do-It-Yourself package approach?


***** Email from Kelly on 9/14/2022


I am a U.S. citizen and my fiance is illegal. He has been here for about 10 years, We have been together 5 years, and have a 3 and 4 yr old. 

We wanted to get married but he lost his license and they won't issue him a new one. When I called to find out what we had to have to go to the court house to get married, they said we have to have to valid IDs, he does have some type of a passport I do not sure exactly what it is. 

My question to you is how can we make him legal without getting married? we want to buy a house but we cant just on my income, because I only work part time and they wont let him because he is illegal. 

Any suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks.

***** Email from Alia on 9/9/2022

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your quick reply. I have another question regarding my green card. I entered the U.S. on a K1 visa and I married my US husband thereafter, and I received my Green Card in last year. We are now getting a divorce and I am planning on going back to my home country.

I was wondering what I have to do as far as letting immigration know that I am moving back, and what will happen to my green card? 

If I want to come back here and visit, do I come on a regular Tourist visa? Or is my green card going to be valid still? We have two children together that are both dual citizens, of USA and my home country.


***** Email from Thomas on 8/27/2022


I want to express my sincere thanks for your previous support for green card petitions. I am a US Citizen. I married my spouse on August. She is currently in US on H-1B visa. I have two questions:-

a) Can I start the immigration process for her immediately? b) Even if I can start now itself, does the immigration process go faster if I waited for 1-2 years after the marriage? Does it make my case any stronger?

I am asking these questions as there is a question in I-130 that asks how long have we been staying together. In my case, we have not yet started living together as our work places are in different states.

Answer from you will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks And Regards,

***** Email from Sahai on 8/15/2022


I have questions and I hope someone is able to help me. I am a F-1 Student Visa. I recently got  married to an US citizen. Now I'm working on the Green card application based on marriage. 

I am at the moment in my last semester for my bachelor's degree in accounting and want to start my master's degree  afterwards. Now my questions: I know that I have to file I-485, I-130, I-864 and G-325 (for my husband and me). Can I send all of these documents together? And if yes, where do I have to send the whole package? 

All of this is very confusing, and I'm trying to find out what I exactly need to do. I have all the  documents, and all the supporting documents, just not sure, what forms  I should send in, and where. If someone could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you in advance. With Best Regards,

***** Email from Green on 8/15/2022

Green Card Services:

A friend of mine gave me your outstanding web site address. I was on K3 visa, then Applied for Adjustment of status. I am currently working and my work permit will expire on January of next year.

I am planning to get a renewal. Do I need to resign to my Job if my Work permit expires? or just leave of absence until I receive my new EAD. I want to make sure that I wont commit any illegal activity while my Adjustment of status is pending. Please help me.

Thank You.

***** Email from Jocelyn on 8/3/2022

Help Desk:

I heard a lot of good things about you great web site and services, that you help lot of peoples in this nation. Thank you for the wonderful service you provide. I will order your Do-It- Yourself package.

I know you can help me too. I am a US citizen and want to apply for my parents, brother and sister. Do I have to file separate petition for my mom, dad, brother, and two sisters?

Please Help me out, eagerly waiting for your response.

***** Email from Zhu on 7/25/2022

Dear Sir/Madam:

I really appreciate the information you posted on the web site. It may have helped thousands of people like us.

I remember when I just came to this country 6 years ago to study, and the Office for the International Students told me that as long as I do not leave the country I will remain in good standing. 

Now I see on your website that my I-94 might be expired. I have looked at my I-94 and I see a date of expiration, but I have received my OPT now and I have finally gotten a job where they are willing to hire me and sponsor me, even though in this economic dump we are in.  am guessing they will start my paperwork then for my sponsorship. How do you think this might now go? I do not even know how long they take to answer back from the Immigration Offices for H-1's. 

I am really worried about this. Please help me out with some guidance. 

Thank you very much for your help! 

***** Email from Joony on 7/13/2022


You have a great site here helping people with their questions. I have a question that I am wondering if you could answer for me. I have one quick question about family-based immigration and would appreciate your response. Actually, I am US citizen and planning to sponsor my brother in the family-based category. 

He has few kids including one who is 18 years old now and pursuing BS. He intends to do MS from US. Now, if I sponsor my brother, certainly his son (18 years old) would also be on I-130, so I am concerned that if my brother's son would be able to get F1 student visa to pursue Masters from US as his name is already on I-130? 

Also, the visa form for student visa has one question "Has Anyone Ever Filed an Immigrant Visa Petition on Your Behalf? I am not sure if this will apply to my nephew?

Thank you.

***** Email from Gai on 7/2/2022

Help Desk,

I have ordered your Complete Do-it-Yourself package for Citizen's spouse yesterday. I am a US Citizen who married a Canadian recently. My husband plans to wait in Canada while the Form I-130 is being processed, since we can't afford for him to be here and unable to work. 

My question is, after we file the I-130 will either of us be permitted to cross the border to visit each other? Currently we have been meeting half way in Portland whenever possible, but will we still be able to do that after the paperwork is filed or will they prevent him from crossing the border?

I really appreciate any help you could provide in answering this question.

***** Email from Singh on 6/28/2022

Dear Sir/Madame,

I got the DIY package. It is really great. I am a green card holder and just got married. My spouse is H1B visa holder. We have been told that if we apply a green card for my spouse it will take very long time to get the green card for him. 

However, could you please help us and let us know, while we are waiting very long for my spouse to get the green card (maybe 3-4 years) can he still work in the USA and travel in/out of the country?

Thank you very much for your help.

***** Email from Shen on 6/13/2022

Family Green Card Service,

First of all, thank you so much for your excellent web site and great services!

I have a very complex problem and I hope I will be able to explain it to you. My maternal Uncle who is a US citizen (Mom’s brother) had applied for a green card for my mom ten years ago and we had received a I-130 approval notice. I have three siblings and we all are already here in US. My brother is on a H1 visa and me and my sister are on a F1 visa and all of us are over 21 years and all of us are unmarried. 

My brother and sister never had any issues when applying for the visa and got it on their very first try but I had problem relating to the pending petition for my mother. I had to apply several times before finally they decided to give me the visa. The only question they always asked were “Where are your parents in US?” I was shocked when I hear that cause my parents have never been to US. 

Now I have few questions: 1) Will canceling the petition help my parent’s get a visitor’s visa? If so how can we cancel the approved I-130. 2) If my parents apply this year with my school’s invitation letter for graduation what are the chances of getting a visitor’s visa?

All of us really want my parents to be here in the graduation ceremony and we don’t care even if we have to cancel the petition. 

Please help me.

***** Email from Sandy on 6/5/2022


I visited your very helpful website. The information is excellent, and I would like to purchase the package from you.

This is my case: I Pastor a Church, and we also have a Radio Station (Licensed by the FCC.). We broadcast in English, Portuguese and Spanish. I’m in charge of everything here, and I need a person to help me in the Church, and also on the radio station. Paul is the person I have been looking for.

Two years ago my nephew came here to visit us for 3 month, and he became very interested in what we do. Last November he went to Israel with us (me and my wife), and a group from our church, and we developed a very good relationship. Two months ago he came to the USA as a visitor. He did not need a Visa at that time. He is 19 years old. He lives with us, and has been coming to the radio, and the church, with me.

I need a person to run the radio station. A person who can speak English, Portuguese and Spanish. A person who knows the Portuguese culture. A person who knows the Bible, because this is a Christian Ministry. 

I would like to know what packages I need to help me with all the documentation, for him to stay here and work for us.

Thank you.

***** Email from Malson on 5/15/2022

Dear Sir/Madame,

Thank you very much for previous your answer. Our problem is that we haven’t applied a green card for my husband. His H1B will expire next year (already reached the max time allowance for H1B). With this economy situation, we have very little hope to apply for his green card through his firm.

Therefore we were thinking of purchase the “do it your self” application from your website and try applying for my husband a green card through me.

Once we apply for him through me (his wife – green card holder only), can he still work in the US and travel in/out of the country while his application is pending and especially if his H1B visa already expired?

Thank you very much for your help.

***** Email from Maria on 5/7/2022

Dear Sir:

Firstly thank you for your excellent views on the www.greencardfamily.com website. Your website about green card application is very informative and helpful. 

I want to know how I would go about petitioning my significant other. He is a Mexican citizen who came to the states with no papers. He has been in the United States for over 5 years. He has never returned to Mexico since he has arrived. 

He has recently gone through court proceedings for cancellation of removal. He lost his case and is going through the appeals process. He has a US Citizen 2yr old daughter and I am a US Citizen. I would truly appreciate your help in any way on this matter.

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer.

***** Email from Yong on 5/1/2022

Dear Sir/Madam

I have just finished browsing your wonderful and extremely helpful website about marriage Green Card application, and I am interested in ordering "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package".

I want to get papers for my future husband who is illegally living in the United States. My plan was marring him in his country and start the 1-130 forms along with the k-3 form. 

I plan on him waiting in his country until the k-3 form is approved. the question is if he was illegally here before is that going to affect the paper process? if not how long do you think it will take before he can come back in the united states legally? Please help me, I will appreciate it very much! 

Yours Sincerely.

***** Email from Airuehia on 4/25/2022

Hi, GreenCardFamily.com 

Your web site is very helpful in regard to my questions about immigration and marriage matters. 

I got married to a man from Honduras. We went over all the paper work and stuff and I thought that was what I had wanted. He stayed in Honduras for a year. My feelings changed for him ,He came back later. We lived together but had problems .

We had them before but I thought it would get better .I have a daughter age 16. We are now divorced, I now want to know what do I do? I live with my daughter and I don't make a lot of money. How do I stop being responsible for him?

Any advice would be really appreciated. Many thanks.

***** Email from Toidi on 4/14/2022

Dear Sir/Madam,.

Please help answering my question. My brother, who has a Green Card, want to married her girlfriend from our home country. What should he do to bring her to US legally and in shortest possible time? should he marry in U.S. or in home country? Can we use your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for this case?

Thank you very much in advance.


***** Email from Velappan on 4/8/2022

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your very useful website! I am a permanent resident of the U.S. having a green card, and I am getting married in India in May. What visa can I apply for my husband after marriage and consequently how long will it take for him to enter USA?

How long would the visa process take for him in this particular case and approximately how much would that cost us?

I thank you in advance.


***** Email from Malson on 3/27/2022

Dear Family Green Card,

I found your web site and service is very helpful. I will be highly appreciated your help.

My husband and I got married in December of 2 years ago, and are in the process of applying for his green card. I am sponsoring him.

Then, he got married, filed for his green card and then the marriage was annulled. Because he did not go to the interview he got a letter from immigration stating that his filing had been abandoned and therefore the filing was dropped. Is there anything special we need to do for our filing? 

On the paperwork do we need to indicate that he has been married before? My understanding is that because he got the first marriage annulled it's like it never happened so he can say he's never been married before.

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours.

***** Email from Zheng on 3/14/2022

Dear HelpDesk,

Your web site information are very helpful about immigration matters we have. Thank you in advance for your help. 

Our Mom who's a Green Card holder petitioned us under F2A but due to the backlogs we aged-out (I am 21 and my sister 22) and was transferred to F2B category. Our priority date is currently available if we're still under F2A category. 

What steps/actions do we need to take/do to shorten our waiting time? Since we have to wait for more years for our priority date to be current under F2B. I've heard about the CSPA but I don't know how it will benefit us.

Thank you, best regards.

***** Email from Elina on 3/6/2022


My friend referred to your website, for his successful in getting I-130 approved by using your DIY package. I really need some help. I am a permanent resident since September 2005. I got married to a F1 Visa holder. We never really thought about all this immigration non sense. He graduated with his Masters in Computer Science thereafter. 

I finally filed a I-130 for him ( not realizing it would take so long.) Now we are scared that he would be deported or something. He has an authorization to work and stay in the US for a whole year( he got it after his graduation). Now that date is fast approaching and we haven't heard from USCIS, what will happen to us and what should we do?

Thanks, any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

***** Email from Sumanth on 2/28/2022

Dear Help Desk,

I am studying in the US on an F1 visa. My fiancee is a US citizen (also a student). We are planning on getting married this summer in the US. I am wondering if it is possible (and/or advisable) to get married in a civil ceremony prior to our religious/family wedding ceremony this summer. My main concern comes from the fact that we would not be able to live together immediately after the civil ceremony. 

Our families would not support us living together before the summer religious ceremony and we each have separate apartments with leases expiring in June. We currently live about 5 miles apart. Would not living together immediately following the civil ceremony present a problem when it comes to the immigration interview we would have to do after applying for my green card? I understand it takes about 8 months to get an interview. Our proposed time line is: March - civil ceremony/apply for green card; August - religious wedding/begin living together.

Will we be able to explain to immigration officials the reason for not living together immediately and will this explanation be accepted?

Your web site about family immigration is very helpful for people like me, and I want to order the Do It Yourself immigration application package from you. 

Thank you very much for taking your precious time reading my email.

***** Email from Zain on 2/17/2022

Dear Sear,

Thank you very much for your very helpful services and answering my previous questions. I have more questions:

I am currently a 21 year old illegal immigrant. My parents brought me to the united stated illegally when I was about one. I graduated in the U.S. from High School, Cosmetology school, and have college education.

I was not able to finish college do to my Illegal status I could not have a background check to work with kids. My question is me being fluent in English, having a U.S. citizen boyfriend would I be able to fix my legal status without marriage or would I need to wait till I marry?

I would appreciate if you answer my questions in detail.

***** Email from Pahod on 2/4/2022


I came through your web site and I got interested in your service and do-it-yourself packages. I need some guidance.

My father after years of filing for citizenship became an American citizen, after he got his citizenship he tried to file for citizenship for my sisters and I and the application was rejected; and we were advised to file for a Green Card first (I-130). So he did that. But by this time I was already over 21 and so was one of my other sisters. 

Ending of last year, our petition was approved but my sister and I (the ones over 21) were not eligible to file for I-485 for the adjustment of status at this time. When I called the USCIS office I was told our priority date, and we would not be able to file for adjustment until in the next 7 years... so basically all we can do is wait. But my other sisters can file for the I-485. 

I would like to know if there is anything my sister and I can do? if there is an alternative to this long wait... we are currently students in the States. My father had mentioned something about the petition was issued to our home country.. and we would have to go home to get it.. is this true? 

Please give me your suggestion. Waiting for your response. 


***** Email from Turner on 1/29/2022


I find your very informative web site when I search the Google! At the onset, I would like to mention how impressed I was with your website and the amount of information available. 

My husband has recently becomes a US Green card holder. I currently reside outside the U.S. What would be the procedure to be followed for him to apply for my green card? Also, if you could let us know the approximate processing time for a Green card holder applying for a spouse's green card, it would really help us to plan things in accordance with your advice. An approximate time range quote like 2-4 yrs e.g will also help.

I really appreciate your help.

Best regards.

***** Email from Lei on 1/15/2022


I have been looking at your website for a year, and it helps me to understand the USA immigration process.

My husband is American and I am Canadian. I was just approved for an I-130 visa, but failed to simultaneously file for my green card. My question now is the following: will I be be denied re-entry into the States after traveling abroad with my Canadian passport and my I-130 (BEFORE I file for the green card)? 

What about AFTER filing an application for a green card -- will my I-130 be sufficient to allow me re-entry into the States after traveling abroad, or do I need to wait to be approved for the green card before I can travel? I desperately want to visit my family, but also want to be sure I can come back to my husband and baby!



***** Email from Sang on 1/3/2022


I live in Canada and have been seeing this woman who is an American citizen. She lives in Boston. I recently visited your very helpful web site and was very impressed by the comments left by the individuals.

we want to get married and we do not want to be separated for a long period. Should we get married in Canada and then file ?
or should I just go to her town on vacation and get married there and stay at her house and file then...in other words can they send me home if we get married while I am in the states on vacation.

We do not care if it takes longer to get green card...we just want to be together...and she has a healthy income so money is not an issue....my only worry is that if i marry her in her home town while on vacation they will send me home. What is the best way.

Thank you for your time and valuable advise.




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