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Year 2015 Emails from Customers for Questions
and Comments on Our Do-It-Yourself Packages and Services

***** Email from Dianan on 12/28/2015

Dear HelpDesk,

I am trying to help my brother who lives in outside U.S. receive his visa so he can come visit me - his sister).  Our mothers side of the family all live here in New York State, and we would all love to see him.

I am a U.S. Citizen and so is the rest of our family here in U.S. My father said I should write a letter to help him get his Visa. Does immigration here in U.S. have a form I can send to his home country that would help my brother get his visa?

I just had the chance to visit him, it too over 20 years to finally get the chance to do so because of a lot of difficulties such as paying for the application. My brother still has not had the opportunity to visit our mom and the rest of the family. I would like to help him in any way I can.

It is great to see your web site and services. Thank you.

***** Email from Wands on 12/17/2015

Dear Sir and Madam,

I am a green card holder. My boyfriend and I are planning to get married and I was wondering if there was a way to bring him to the U.S.?  I will buy the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application.

He is originally from a country in South American, and we have been in relationship for a few years. Is there any way you could help us to figure out what would be the best way to do it?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


***** Email from Cohn on 12/2/2015

Dear Customer Service,

I am a US Citizen by birth, my wife had a Green Card for about two years, when we lived in the US. We have two young children, both are US citizens with US passports.

I then got a job for a foreign company and we moved to work outside United States, we have been here since. She later relinquished her green card upon the direction of a senior immigration security official working at a New York airport.

We are looking at returning to the U.S. to live and work, and now I am curious as to what she needs to do to obtain a new Green Card. Does she need to start over with the process?

Any direction or advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

***** Email from Agbors on 11/25/2015

Hi Sir,
My friend referred your great web site. I am a immigrant, and I am presently in the US. I came through asylum. I want to get married to my fiancee back home. But I will be eligible to file for my green card after a year here in the US.

Should I go back home and marry her, or should she come here for U.S. to get married before I file for my green card?  And what is the best way for her to come to the US?

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Mei on 11/18/2015

Dear HelpDesk,

I am on J1 visa for three years, working as a teacher and got an extension for two more years.  I have also started my J-1 waiver application. 

I have a sister who is a citizen here in USA.  I would like to know if she can apply for my green card now, or I should wait till I complete my J-1 program. 

Please let me know all the possibilities of me getting a permanent residency through her or any other way.


***** Email from Agman on 11/5/2015

Dear Sir,

I searched on Google for information, and found your wonderful website and services. Hope you are doing well.  

I have applied for my green card by using NIW category. My status is pending, but hopefully I will get the admission of my I-140 soon.

I got marriage 3 weeks ago and my wife does not have any kind of visa to enter to the USA. She is in Canada now. Based on the information in your website, for my wife, I should wait to get the admission of my Form I-140 approval, then file the form I-824 for my wife. Is there any other method?

So, could you please help me? After getting the admission of my I-140, how long will it take to get the visa for my wife? Also, how much will be the application fee?

I look forward to your reply.

***** Email from Lindi on 10/27/2015

Hi Customer Service,

I like you website very much, and it help me a lot.

My sister is in United State since last 8 years. She is married and she is staying in U.S. with her husband and two children.

She has just got her U.S. citizenship. My sister wants me to come U.S. and stay with her. So I just want to know that, is it all possible for my visa to united state

Any suggestion related to this matter would be highly appreciated for me.

Waiting for your response.

***** Email from Page on 10/13/2015

Dear Customer Service,

My brother is a U.S. citizen, and he has filed a petition on Form I-130 for me about 3 years ago, which certainly will take more than 5 years to process. I also got a visitor visa B1/B2 twice and visited USA two times recently. My questions for you are:

Is there any way for me to come to US on B1/B2 and request an Adjust Status on Form I-485 to expedite my immigration case and get green card immediately. How much time will be required to complete the process? Can I stay over 6 months after filing the petition as I am on B1/B2 visa?

Please advise me the best way to pocket my green card as early as possible. I can plan my next visit to USA asap if it helps. Thank you sir.

***** Email from Hua on 10/6/2015

Dear HelpDesk

Hope this finds you well. I am currently in my grace period of F-1 optional practical training (OPT) post-completion; my OPT expired last month. I filed National Interest Waiver self-petition half a year ago, recently submitted my response to Request for Evidence (RFE) and just learned my petition was approved.

I am concerned there might not be enough time for me to file form I-485 before my grace period ends in mid-September. If this is the case, could you kindly let me know whether the approved I-140 may be able to grant me any benefits such as a valid visa status so that I could continue staying here and finish my application.

I also wonder whether an approved I-140 or a filed I-485 status may affect other non-immigrant visa application (e.g. B1/B2, J1), if I had to travel back to home country and need to come back before I-485 is approved.

I appreciate your consistent help. Any of your advice would be greatly appreciated. 


***** Email from Scilla on 9/26/2015

I am a U.S. citizen and my husband is from other country.  We have been married for two years but known each other seven years.   

He has two kids in his home country which he has been supporting them. I just want to know if there is a way I can sponsor them to get a green card to come live with us, and as well as for my in laws. 

Thank you for your time.

***** Email from Castro on 9/13/2015

Dear Customer Service,

It is really great see your service and DIY packages. I got my green card in September 2013 with the help of your service and Do-It-Yourself Package. Thank you very much!

I married in December 2014, applied for my husband's green card in February 2015, already received acknowledgement letter from USCIS. 

The present priority date for F2A category is a long wait for my country. So we were wondering if my husband can apply for L visa or any other non-immigrant visa to enable us to live together in U.S. while we wait for these years?

My husband has knowledge of Working knowledge of Database Management and “Reference Data Ops system. He also has 30 Months of working experience in “Reference Data Client process”.

My husband works in family business which is registered in his father's name. The business is a  petrol pump station licensed by an Oil Corporation in my country.  Please let me know what are the options?  

Thank you again.

***** Email from Tai on 9/6/2015

Dear Sir,
Thank you very much for the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package and answering my previous questions.

I recently received a notice for my U.S. EMBASSY Immigrant Visa Interview. I was petition for a Registered Nurse positon back in 2013.

One of the documents that I need to present to the embassy is a Notarized Confirmation of Job Offer and Salary. Upon consultation with my petitioner, they said that they do not have any Registered Nurse openings/position available at the present time.

With this development, is my application for an immigrant visa now jeopardized?  Or, is there still a chance to go through with my application.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Email from Larry on 8/27/2015

Customer Service,

You have helped me in the past by answering my questions. Your answer/suggestion really helped me to plan for the future accordingly.

My question now is I applied and received a green card for my Japanese wife back in 2010 while I was working in U.S., but since then my company has sent me to Asia again. 

Because my wife sometimes travels with me to these jobs for a period of time, we have been getting questions when entering back to the U.S. about her often traveling with me, and time spent out of U.S.

We are afraid that they might take her green card one of these time when we enter. Do you think it would be better to turn in green card & apply for a multiple year entry visa rather then possible them taken it? and if they did it might affect applying for visa.

Hope for a reply.

***** Email from Ahmed on 8/15/2015


I visited your very helpful website many times. Great website and Good work!

My brother in law lives in Mexico.  He has a kid who lives with me and my wife (his sister) in the U.S. 

He is worried that if I put his child as my dependent in my tax declaration, it could affect the process once his son turns 21 and file a petition for his father for a green card. 

Can you comment on this situation?  Thanks in advance for your help,

***** Email from Anjum on 8/4/2015

Good Morning, 

I am a U.S citizen and I want to ask you that there is my small sister who cannot live on her own in her country, as my father married another women and is living with them. So I plan to make my mother a U.S. green card holder.

Kindly can you tell me -  can I also apply for my unmarried 14 years old sister with my mother, so that she can come with my Mom, and what will be the requirements for all this process?

Anxiously waiting for your response. Thank you for your answer. I am glad to see your web site helping other immigrants like me.

***** Email from Seung on 7/23/2015


First of all, thank you so much for your time and DIY package. 

I am in the U.S. with a tourist visa (6 months). The visa expires in 5 months. My brother is a U.S. citizen, and he will sponsor my Green Card.

The wait list could last 10 years. I do not want to leave US, can I stay here with my 
tourist visa?

Thank you for your help, and excuse me, I'm still practicing my English.

***** Email from Suni on 7/14/2015

Dear Sir or Madam,

You have a great Web site here helping people with their questions. I have a question that I am wondering if you could answer for me:

I am hoping you can point me in the right direction, I am applying for my daughter's certificate of citizenship so she can take drivers class and take the ACT test. 

However, I found her green card had an expiration date which expired already. I had a lot of family illness at the time we got her Green Card and my husband didn't see the need to apply for the citizenship papers due to misinformation that was given regarding changing adoption laws. 

What do I need to do to straighten everything out in a timely fashion?  Thank you in advance!

***** Email from Liu on 7/8/2015

Customer Service,

Good Afternoon, I hope all is well. Thank you very much for answering my previous questions. 

We recently applied to renew my husband's Green Card. After waiting patiently for several months, I called the USCIS Immigration Service and I was informed it was delivered. 

They provided me with the tracking number and when I contacted the post office. The Postman at USPS informed me that it was delivered to an incorrect address, and to an individual who has the same last name as we do.  

The human error was mad, I know things happen. Now USCIS cannot locate the document. 

What am I to do?  We paid $600 for the processing of the renewal and now I am completely getting the run around from everyone.

Please advise me on how to resolve this matter. I can forward the receipts of payments if needed. Thank you.

***** Email from Diedrik on 6/29/2015

Dear HelpDesk
First of all, thank you for your great services and web site, and the opportunity to ask questions online. My situation is as follows:

I am a U.S citizen. Several months ago I applied for Green Card for my wife, and now the application is pending - final stage after DS-260.

My wife lives now in Europe and intends to get an interview at the local consulate. She has a valid tourist visa (B1/B2).

Is there any obstacle for her to enter the US and stay here for a month or so using this visa before Green Card being issued? I heard different opinions.
Thank you very much for the prompt reply.

***** Email from Lim on 6/15/2015


I visited your excellent web site, and the list in a "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for Brothers/Sisters", I believe it is very helpful.

I am a U.S. Citizen and have filed a petition for my Filipino sister with priority date 2008, who was then in the Philippines. 

Over the years she and her family migrated to Singapore and will soon become Singaporean citizens. 

Will her new Citizenship help speed up the petition? My assumption is her immigration papers will transfer to Singapore and be processed from there?

I will really appreciate your input on this.


***** Email from Subasini on 6/6/2015:

Dear Sir,

I am very glad to find your outstanding website on green card application and I am sure it is very helpful for many people. I am writing this email to get your best suggestion for our situation.

I am writing you with the desperation of an answer with regards to our status. We entered U.S. in an K1 and K2 visa for me and my eldest daughter. Within our entry my fiance and I got married. 

We filed for Form I-485 Adjustment of Status, it is still on process. In a span of time our marriage is getting worst  - I could not get a job, because of our status and my husband is jobless.

We are so stressed out. Now my husband is beginning to tell me about divorce.

My question is: would I be deported if my adjustment of status is still pending and even if our youngest daughter is already a U. S. citizen before I came over U.S. Your Response will be so much of a great help.


***** Email from Chun on 5/28/2015:

Hi HelpDesk,

I like the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's sister, and the related articles in your web site!

I have some question about my immigration. My Current Visa status: F1

My sister filed petitioned for my immigration before I enter got F1 visa. Do I need to update my petition for the Immigration. What should be the process?

If you can work on it, I would like to be a client of yours. Please reply with proper solution.

***** Email from Vinod on 5/14/2015:


You have helped me before by answering my questions. Your suggestion really helped me a lot.

My foreign wife's Form I-485 application was denied by USCIS, based on the denial of my Form I-130 application, claiming I am barred from filing. We have been fighting this for many years and may soon be close to winning.

We recently filed an Form I-131 so she can visit her family and return to the US. The Form I-131 was denied because the Form  I-485 was denied. It is a big loop.

My question is since we appealed the denial of the Form I-130 which was the basis of the denial of the Form I-485, wouldn't this also keep the I-485 in appeal status?

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Ruza on 5/2/2015:

Hello Customer Service,

During my search on google for information about how to sponsor my sister to come and live with me in the U.S., I found your wonderful and resourceful website.

Here is my situation and question: I am a US citizen for about 7 years now. My sister has visited us for 4 times already with her Tourist Visa. Never stayed over the permitted time and the last  time she even stayed for 3 months with no issues. She works for the government in her home country and the only property she has on her name right now is a car.

I am applying through the Form I-130 for her to come live here. I know it will take about 10 years or so for her to get a immigration visa number and come in as a immigrant..

Will she be able to come and visit me during those 10 years with her Tourist Visa?! It expires in 2020. 

According to the U.S. consulate, she will be able to renew it, but they told me to ask around here if she will have problems entering the U.S.  depending on what the department of homeland security thinks.

Please let me know your thoughts!

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Goel on 4/22/2015:

Hi, Sir/Madam,

You have a great Web site helping many people with their questions. I am a  student in a reputable college in my country. My fiancee is a U.S. Citizen and she wants me to come over.

She is willing to provide all the necessary documents and funding but she does not know how to go ahead with it. 

Please could you explain to us, step by step on how to go about it. Thank you for your anticipated response.

Thank you.

***** Email from Arlene on 4/17/2015:


I have a quick question about applying for family based green card for my fiance. 

I am a permanent resident in the U.S. and my fiance is in the U.S. on H1-B work visa. Her employer has recently started her employment based green card application by filing the PERM Labor Certification. 

If we get married now will the marriage affect her employment based green card application at all? Can I file a separate family based green card application for her in parallel to her employment based green card application after we're married?


***** Email from Ouisse on 4/5/2015:

Good Morning Sir,

It is really great to see your web site and services!. 

I figured I could start the process of gathering some information now before I get married to a foreign women.  She has lived and worked in the United States for five years now. She is here on a work visa.   

After we get married we would like to begin the process of applying for a green card for her.  Just wanted to verify the first step is for me to do is submit (Form I-130) to the appropriate USCIS Service Center to prove that the marriage is genuine.  

The additional forms or documents I need to provide would be G-325A, a copy of our marriage certificate and a certified copy of my birth certificate or a valid U.S. Passport.

It seems like she could submit the (Form I-485) at the same time, but is there any other forms she will need to submit during the process of applying for a green card? 

I know she will be getting her birth certificate which she plans to do.  Is there any other documents that she will need to provide with the (Form 1-485)? 


***** Email from Baoli on 3/25/2015:

Hello Sir/Madam, 

Thank you very much for your help! We really appreciate the information you posted on the web site.

I want to know about my F2B case. My uncle apply for my father in 2000. It approved 2002 and visa available in 2012 . But in that time I my brother age out. 

The visa bulatin show in almost 2017 December we will get visa. So can we get earlier priority date? Can you do something for us to get early visa because my parents are very alone without us..

I need a lawyer who will contract & agreement with me to obtain our visa . If you solve my problem I will call my parents and they will contract you. But they are not able to descrip the case properly. 

So I wish you sand me mail and I will send you all details that you need. I want to visa as early as possible. 

***** Email from Trivedi on 3/16/2015:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had contracted an immigration lawyer in U.S. for my Form I-485 application - I am UK national here on visa waiver; married an American after 60 days, co-own house in her name and in a relationship for two years.

The immigration lawyer determined his workload was too high to continue. I have completed several forms and had the medical exam. How can I continue Complete Do-It-Yourself Package? No documents have been filed to date.


***** Email from Yuki on 3/4/2015

Dear HelpDesk:

Thank you for your answer!. I am glad to see your web site helping other immigrants like me.

Here is my case: I-130 Petition filed under F2B Category (Unmarried sons and daughters of Permanent Resident) by my mother; Visa petition(I-797C) being approved; I got married before mother became citizen; Mother became citizen; I am on H1b visa.

My questions are: Can I file I-485? if Yes, can I add my spouse name to I-485? What would be my category F2B or F3? 

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Tanim on 2/27/2015

Hello! Sir or Madam:

I am a green card holder who is applying for the U.S. citizenship this year. My son has serviced in the U.S. Army for 5 years, and he is a U.S. citizen. 

I am trying to bring my parents (both are around 70 years old) from South Korea and another son from South Korea, and I want to find out how I can apply for them to receive green cards to live like Americans in the U.S. Please give me some advises concerning about this issue and your Do-It-Yourself Package for Parents. 

Thank you so much for your concern and kindness and will wait for your response.


***** Email from Chieh on 1/29/2015

Dear Sir:

I am currently participating an internship program for 18 months. I have got a 2-year home country residency requirement since my internship is matched my home country's skilled list. 

My situation at the moment is that I have my waiver status on pending while waiting for the home country's government to send the "No Objection Letter" back to me. My Visa will be expired by September 16 this year.

I am afraid that I will have a problem later on with the immigration though I know that I can still marry and stay in the country while the status is on pending. However, my most concern is that this 2-year rule will stop my right to get the green card.

I really need advice and help since my time is running out. Please e-mail me and let me know if you could help me file a green card through marriage while my J-1 waiver is on the pending status. Please also quote the legal fees that will occur during the procedure.


***** Email from Anurag on 1/17/2015


I want to buy the Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's Spouse. I’m holding a H1 visa now and just married to a US citizen. I understand that the US Citizen Spouse need to fill out the Form-I-130, G-325A and I-864. The Alien spouse will fill up the I-485, and I-765. Here’s my questions : 

Should I file the I-485 and I-765 simultaneously with I-130 ? Or should we wait until we get the approval of I-130? When should I file for I-864? When should I do the medical examination? 

Please kindly advice .


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