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About Family Green Card Application Service

Your immigration application success is critical to your family and relatives. The Family Green Card Service provides excellent immigration service and support.  

The Family Green Card Service's primary focus has been providing U.S. citizens and permanent residents with updated knowledge and services in U.S. family-based immigration. Many new immigrants have got their Green Cards with the help of our services. 

Our high quality "Complete Do-It-Yourself Packages" (Green Card DIY Package, or Green Card DIY Kit) provide powerful, complete, and cost-saving solutions to help new immigrants avoid the long and painful immigrant visa and Green Card application process to get their Green Cards. 

We hope you give us an opportunity to prove why so many people have been trusting our services for years. Based on our extensive, practical, and case-proved family-based immigration experience, we believe that our services, strategies, and Complete Do-It-Yourself Packages will help you to collect evidence, prepare petition, write cover letter, reply Request For Evidence (RFE) questions, and get your immigrant visa and Green Card quickly. 

We also provide links to official sources of many free U.S. government forms and services on our main web page and many secondary web pages. From these links, users can download FREE U.S. government immigration forms and visa application forms, and use the services without charge. GreenCardFamily.com is a private non-lawyer website, and not affiliated with any U.S. government agency or official governing body.

The Customer's Testimonials on Our Complete Do-It-Yourself Packages and Services






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