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Help Desk's Answers for Questions of I-485 
Application, Adjustment of Statue, and Other Related Issues 

How to Prove Our Marriage Is Real or "Bona Fide"?
Do I Need the Paper Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record?
Do I Have to Go Through an Interview Process for Form I-485 Adjusting Status?
Differences Between Sponsor, Joint Sponsor, and Substitute Sponsor?
Application Related Fees for Filing USCIS Form I-130
The Background Check for Form I-485 Adjustment of Status
What Conditions Would Make an Alien Applicant Inadmissible on Medical Ground?
The Application of Reentry Permit to Avoid Abandoning the Green Card
How to Use the Dates of Filing Applications for Form I-485 Adjustment of Status?
How to Find a Medical Doctor for the Form I-485 Medical Examination?
My I-485 Application Is Pending. Can I Leave U.S. Now?
USCIS' Expedite Process for "Aging-out" Child about to Reach 21 Years of Age
The Exceptions to Medical Examination Form I-693 Filing Requirement
How Could I Finish the Form I-693 Medical Examination Process to Get My Green Card?
Requirements for Adjustment of Status - Inspection and Admission or Parole to U.S.
The Income Requirement for a Co-Sponsor of Immigration Application
The Availability of a Visa Number, and the Process for Adjusting Status
The Immigration Medical Examination for I-485 Application of Status Adjustment
How to Fill Form I-864 to Support Alien Spouse with Low Income and Assets
The Interview Process for an Alien Married a U.S. Citizen inside the United States
Do I Need to Renew My K-1 Visa after My I-485 Form Submission?
Can I Self-Petition for My Family Members in My Home Country without Hiring a Lawyer?
I Want to Know How Could My Marriage Impact the I-485 Process?
What Will Be My Immigration Status if I Get Married to an American Citizen?
What Should I Do If I Wait to Re-Marry here in the U.S.?
Can I Travel to My Home Country during My Green Card Application Process?
Why I Need To Do the Re-Fingerprinting for My I-485 Application?
How to Notify USCIS about the Change of Address after Form I-130 Approval
What Is the Advantage If I Apply for EAD While My I-485 Is Pending
USCIS Medical Doctor Information for Medical Examination
It is True that I Must Get I-130 Approval and Wait for Visa Availability to File I-485?
How Could My Wife Take the Medical Exam for I-485 Petition?
Can I Use the Form I-485 Approval Notice for My International Traveling?
Fingerprinting Requirement for I-485 Applicants between the Age of 14 to 78
The Unauthorized Employment and the Section 245(k) Eligibility for I-1485 Application
Can I Concurrently File I-130 Petition and I-485 Application for Family-based Immigration Case?
Do I Have Any Problem for the I-485 Application?
The I-485 Application and Working Without Authorization for Less Than 180 Days
What Date is My Wife's Priority Date?
I Want to Know How Could My Marriage Impact the I-485 Process?
What Will be My Immigration Status if I Get Married with an American Citizen?
Can I Include My Parents in the I-485 Application as My Dependents?
Traveling Outside U.S. with the Advance Parole




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