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Answers for Questions of Green Card Application
for U.S. Citizen's or Permanent Resident's Son or Daughter

Marriage Based Green Card Eligibility - Children born to Unmarried Parents
How to Calculate the CSPA age for Aging out of Child Green Card Application
The Form DS-260 for Online Immigrant Visa Application and Registration
The Basic Requirements of Green Card Petition for Spouse or Child
The Children's Green Card Eligibility in Marriage-Based Immigration Process
The Children's Age-Out and Second preference F2B
The Processing Time and Steps during the Family Green Card Application
Do I Need the Paper Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record?
Differences Between Sponsor, Joint Sponsor, and Substitute Sponsor?
Application Related Fees for Filing USCIS Form I-130
The Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) and One-Year Requirement
How to Fill the Electronic Immigrant Visa Application Form DS-260
USCIS' Expedite Process for "Aging-out" Child about to Reach 21 Years of Age
Do I Need to Adopt Her First before File the Immigration Petition for Her?
The Need to Update the USCIS Records Regarding Address Changes
Questions for U.S. Permanent Resident's Child Born Outside United States
What Is the "Age-Out" for Me If I Reach Age 21 While My I-485 Application is Still Pending?
Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens Do Not Need to Wait for Immigrant Visa Number
Can I Self-Petition for My Family Members in My Home Country without Hiring a Lawyer?
Can I Sponsor My Aunts or Uncles for their Immigration to United States?
What Does a Sponsor Need to Do to Start an Immigration Process?
Could I Apply for Green Card for My Wife and Son as Relatives of U.S. Permanent Resident?
How to Upgrade a My Form I-130 Petition for my Wife and Children After Becoming U.S. Citizen?
Child Status Protection Act for Unmarried/Married Immediate-Relative Children under 21
Can My Son Get Married during the Time of Form I-130 Pending?
How Can We Bring Our Son into United States?
Could You Please Give Me Some Idea About the "Expedite Aging-Out Process"?
Conditional Permanent Resident Status for Children of Alien Parent Married to U.S. Citizen Spouse
How Can We Bring My Nephew to the U.S. If We Adopt Him?
An Adopted Son May Enjoy Immigration Benefits before His 16th Birthday
What Types of Family Immigration Have no Waiting Time and Numerical Restrictions?
The Immigration Process for U.S. Permanent Resident's Son
If My Father Passes Away, What Happens to My Green Card Application Case?
The Refugee and Asylee Applicants Do not Age-out and They Will not be Expedited






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