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Questions for U.S. Permanent Resident's Child Born Outside United States


I have 2  questions for U.S. permanent resident's child outside United States: 1) What documentation is required of a child born outside the U.S. of legal permanent residents to enter U.S.? 2) Also, if the legal permanent resident parents left the child abroad with family members and returned to the U.S. They now wish to bring the child to the U.S. What must they do? 


1) A child born abroad of legal permanent resident parents may enter the U.S. without a visa provided the child is accompanied by a parent upon that parent's initial return to the U.S. within two years of the child's birth with documentation showing the parent-child relationship.

2) The child must have an immigrant visa to enter the U.S. The legal permanent resident parent must file a preference petition with the USCIS.




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