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How Long Is an Immigrant Visa Valid, What if I Must Delay My Arrival in U.S.?


I have received an immigrant visa from U.S. consulate in my country, and my immigrant visa is based on Form I-130 immigration application filed by my brother who is a U.S. citizen. How long is an immigrant visa valid? and what if I must delay my arrival in the U.S.?


The consulate may issue an immigrant visa with a maximum validity of six months. If you must delay travel to the U.S. beyond six months, you should contact the U.S. consulate and arrange to have the interview scheduled closer to your possible departure.

If an immigrant visa has already been issued and circumstances force you to remain abroad longer, you should contact the U.S. consulate and request an extension of your immigrant visa's validity. If the validity of your immigrant visa expires, a new one may be issued upon payment of the application and issuance fees.




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