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Application Process for Parents Getting a Green Card and Form I-864


My parents are currently in U.S. to visit us. What is the application process for me to sporsor my parents to get their Green Cards?


The process of getting a green card for parents depends on whether they will be adjusting status or going through consular processing. For adjustment of status inside United States, it basically involves submitting a Form I-130 visa petition, prepared by the child petitioner as the the sponsor, along with the parents' own application on Form I-485, with supporting forms and documents to USCIS.

One of the important supporting forms is one that the child will also need to submit, known as Form I-864, the affidavit of support promising that the child will reimburse any government agency from which the parents receive need-based assistance. These materials are submitted all at once by mail to USCIS, after which the parents will be called in for fingerprinting, and finally an interview.




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