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USCIS Has Discontinued the Legacy E-Filing System


I am preparing to file Form I-131, application for travel document. It looks like that the USCIS' e-filing system is no long available at USCIS website. Do I have to submit the paper copy of form I-131 to USCIS?


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has discontinued its legacy e-filing system, in order to maintain data security standards and focus resources on its replacement system.

Five key applications, previously available for e-filing, has reverted to a paper-based system after the legacy system is decommissioned. Currently, paper copies of the following forms will have to be filled out and submitted to the USCIS:

• Form I-131, application for travel document.
• Form I-140, immigrant petition for an alien worker.
• Form I-765, application for employment authorization.
• Form I-821, application for temporary protected status.
• Form I-907, request for premium processing service.

USCIS is transitioning to a new system called the Electronic Immigration System (ELIS). “The new system is faster, more secure, and easier to upgrade and update,” the USCIS said. Although the above forms being removed from the legacy e-filing system would not immediately be available on ELIS, the USICS does plan to add them in the future.

Currently, ELIS is capable only of accepting payment of the $165 fee for an immigrant visa and processing the Form I-90 application to replace a permanent resident card. USCIS is also planning on moving applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program to ELIS.




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