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How to Notify USCIS about the Change of Address after Form I-130 Approval


I got my marriage based form I-130 application approval, and sent out Form I-485 application one month ago. Thereafter I changed my residence address in the same city. My question here is that do I have to inform USCIS for my address change? and do you think it will affect my I-485 application? 


You need to notify USCIS about the change of your address, by sending the Form AR11 to USCIS, otherwise you may not get USCIS notice for your Form I-485 application decision from USCIS, or get RFE notice from USCIS to ask you to show your current address, when USCIS evaluates your I-485 application. Also, not informing USCIS about your address change is illegal and you may get problem for your I-485 application.




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