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Questions of How to File an Online Form DS-160 for K Visa Application


I have a question of how to file an online Form DS-160 for my K visa application. I have a minor criminal issue in my country, and currently have no job. Do I have to put the information in the Form DS-160?


The form DS-160 is for non-immigration application and for K visa application. It will ask the visa applicant to provide the current employment information, and the history of employment in the past five years. 

In addition to the history of U.S. travel, it will also ask the applicant to provide his or her travel history to all other foreign countries in the past five years, including names, years, and visits. If the visa applicant has relatives in the United States, the applicant should also list relatives in the United States, including those who are U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents.

In the form DS-160, there are several questions about past immigration information, or possible criminal violations, and any other inadmissibility issues. If the alien applicant has been denied visas or refused entry to the U.S., the dates and details of those events also need to be provided.




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