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Can I Apply for the U.S. Green Cards for my Parents When They Are in US?


I am a U.S. citizen for 5 years. My parents are now in U.S. with the tourist visa to visit me. Can I apply for the their Green Cards now when they are in US?


If parents of a U.S. citizen are now living in U.S. on a valid visa, they should be able to adjust their status in U.S. as the U.S. citizen's immediate relative without trouble. That means they can submit all of their paperwork to USCIS, and attend their interview at in an office of USCIS inside the U.S..

The only likely hurdle is if they committed visa fraud by applying for the immigrant visa with the idea of gaining U.S. entry in order to adjust status inside the U.S.
For example, if they applied for a tourist visa, they are supposed to have truly intended to be tourists, and only later decided to apply for a green card, not before.




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