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Can My Parents Adjust Status in U.S. to Get Their Green Card?


As U.S. citizen myself, my parents entered the U.S. as tourists. Can they adjust status here to get their Green Card?


If your parents are in the United States after a legal entry with a valid visa, as U.S. citizen's immediate relatives, it is possible for your parents to apply for a U.S. Green Card without leaving the United States.

However, if your parents entered United States without inspection, such as by smuggling across the border, your parents cannot apply for a U.S. Green Card without leaving the United States, and it can be a problem for their immigration at all, since living in the U.S. unlawfully for longer than 6 months may create a long-term bar to U.S. admissibility.

The process to get a Green Card in Unites States is called "adjustment of status." U.S. citizen's parents would not have to wait for the Form I-130 to be approved, but they could submit it concurrently with the Form I-485 application for adjusting status. If you have already obtained Form I-130 approval, your parents can simply submit the approval notice, also called Form I-797, along with the Form I-485 adjustment of status.




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