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The DNA Testing for the Family Based Immigration


I am a US citizen. I have applied Green Card for my parents. Because of certain defects in the papers, USCIS has asked us to go for DNA testing. My parents are not in U.S, only I am in US. How could we do the DNA testing like this?


Immigration DNA testing remove hurdles in the way of families who are otherwise unable to provide proof of a biological relationship. US immigration laws demand sufficient evidence when granting a visa for family-based petitioners. Usually, primary evidence like a birth certificate is more than enough, or one may also present secondary evidence like school records. But sometimes, if there are some doubts regarding the documents filed or if there is a legal drawback, then the US embassy may issue the Request For Evidence (RFE) notice.

The DNA testing issue has been coming up more frequently in family-based immigration petitions than it ever did before. The way it currently works is that the Request For Evidence (RFE) notice will tell you which website you can go to to get a list of approved labs. You can call the lab. They will arrange to have the DNS sample collected in your parents' home country from your parents and from you here in the US. The Lab may send the results directly to US embassy.




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