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How the K-3 Visa Works? and Can We Apply for the K-3 Visa for My Wife?


I just married outside the U.S. Please let me know how to bring my foreign citizen wife into US as soon as possible. I have heard a K-3 visa. How the K-3 visa works? and can we apply for the K-3 visa for my wife?


The K-3 Visa is a non-immigrant temporary visiting visa for a spouse of a U.S. citizen to come to the U.S., while his/her permanent stay case is still pending. The K-3 visa must be filed and the visa must be issued in the country where the marriage took place. After the visa process has been completed, and the visa is issued, the spouse can travel to the United States to wait for the processing of the immigrant visa case.
  • File for K-3 visa at nearest U.S. consulate ( unmarried children of spouse, age under 21 can get K-4 visa)
  • After coming to U.S. file for Adjustment of Status (AOS) by filing Form I-485.
  • File for EAD (Employment Authorization card).
  • File for Social Security Number at the social security office.




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