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Year 2010 - Emails from Customers for Questions
and Comments on Our Do-It-Yourself Packages and Services

***** Email from Dhara on 12/27/2010

Dear Help desk. 

I am a Swedish citizen, and I am married to an American citizen. We married in June 2007 and I went on my interview with my wife in may of 2008. Got my conditional green card with your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for Marriage Green Card Application.

I did file petition to remove conditions of permanent resident status, and it was received. Since that I have numerous stamps in my passport for an extension. I even called my local congress woman, and they called and got the same result. That it is pending. The case is now over one years old. This is not the initial green card or the citizen that I am applying for. Why is it taking so much time?

What can I do? Please get back to me. 

***** Email from Tina on 12/15/2010

Hi, Help desk. 

I really appreciate your website and your work. Thanks for the information. It was really helpful.

My boyfriend has had a visiting visa for more than seven years. We have been together for almost six years and are now thinking of getting married. I attend school in Oklahoma City but he mostly travels to Los Angeles, because his brother is there and I live with my parents. But we see each other often. 

Would it be better to get married here and he enters the US with his visa and then apply for his green card. Or should I as a US Citizen marry him abroad and claim him and wait until I get his green card. Or should I apply for a fiancée visa to bring him here and get married within the 90 days. And what are the steps. 

Thank you for your time and valuable advise.

***** Email from Rudenko on 12/3/2010


I recently visited your very helpful web site and was very impressed by the comments left by the individuals.

I have received a notice of approval for 1-130 (under 245-i filled in April 2001 ) since Feb. 2009. My mother, US citizen, the petitioner deceased 4 years ago (To my knowledge the petition dies too since she died before the approval) .I have strong alternative sponsors, 2 US Sisters and one US brother. I am an assistant professor at Defense Language Institute married with 3 children one is six years old US citizen.

My family and I ( exclude my US son) have granted withholding of deportation 3 years ago based on different case "Asylum" (which filed after one year). Based on the previous information, what is the best way to adjust my status to be permanent resident. I know I can not reinstate my I-130 because my petitioner died before the approval of I-130.Remember my current status is "Granted withholding of removal" Which I can only work and stay legally.

Can My work as a federal employee file for me the petition for a green card as I do not need for a work authorization since holding a granted withholding of deportation I am eligible to work anywhere .In other words, do I need to file for labor certificate or my work can file directly 1-140?

Thank You again for your time and help and advice.

***** Email from Ping on 11/25/2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is a great piece of information to me. Thanks a lot for your reply. I am a US PR (through employee sponsorship, I am a federal employee) married to a US citizen (US-born). In September 2011, I will have been married for 3 years and should be able to apply for naturalization.

Question: when can I, as a naturalized US Citizen file in Form I-130,  Petition for Alien Relative, to bring my mother to the US?

Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

***** Email from Kishore on 11/13/2010


I have found your great site occasionally when searching the web for the Green Card application information.

I am a French citizen. I have been in the U.S. for over 6 years. I went to a Louisiana University where I graduated in May 2010 with a Sports Management degree. I also got married to an American citizen in May 2010 and we have a baby now.

Right now, I am employed as a tennis coach at a University, but my OPT will expire soon. I was looking at the applications for the green card on your website and I really cannot afford to pay lawyers so much money right now since I started my job only a few months ago. 

I really do not want to have to leave my family here and lose my job in July when my OPT expires. Could you please tell me what are my options for me to stay in your country and be a legal worker.

I really need your help. Many thanks in advance. 

***** Email from Chao on 11/8/2010

Dear Sir/Madam:

First, thank you so much for your prompt reply to my previous question. I am planning on purchasing your DIY package for parents.

I have recently lost my father in law.  We are in the process of making the decision for my mother in law to come and stay with us in US because there’s no one else to take care of her at this hard time.  

It is beneficial for both us and her to be close by us to cope with the situation. Is there such laws to get her to us with an immigrant visa at the earliest? Are there any provisions because of our conditions?  

Thank you for your time.

***** Email from Dumitra on 10/28/2010


I had a question. My mother applied for an I-130 which has been approved and is still pending. I am and immigrant child over 21 and she has her green card. Now she is going to get her citizenship in May 2011. Is there some form that I can send into immigration to BUMP up my status?

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Your website is very helpful.

***** Email from Robert on 10/17/2010

Hi there,

Greetings. I came across your web site. Perhaps you can answer a simple question or refer me to an information source (like a forum or user’s group)? I am an American-born US citizen who wishes to marry my girlfriend (who is Vietnamese) & bring her to the US. 

Currently, I am unemployed & receiving EDD benefits. I have been advised that if I wish to successfully bring my fiancé to the US (get approval during our immigration interview), I need to provide employment tax records for 3 years (to show income stability). It has ALSO been suggested that because I am not currently employed, this may create difficulty when arranging for my finance immigration to the US. 

Should I be concerned about my current status as “unemployed”? Is it REALLY a condition that I will need to be employed with a job before my fiancé & I apply for marriage in the US? I have a significant savings in my bank account (proving I am stable). I also have a solid record of employment throughout the past 25 years. Is this not enough (or will I also need to show evidence of income for during my process time of marriage?

Many thanks in advance. 

***** Email from Gupta on 10/8/2010

Hi Sir/Madam,

I have a question regarding my parents. I am USA citizen but my parents are green card holder, Right now they are in India. 

I just want to know that what would be the time period for them to come here again (6 months or 1 year) . My parents they are not USA citizen yet. First time, they came in may/11/09. When should they come here for next visit, please if you can answer this question for me as soon as possible.


***** Email from Chang on 9/17/2010

Dear Sir;

Thank you for excellent your 1-30 package for marriage Green Card. I found very useful samples and tips in it.

I have another question: I an confused with the procedure of filing the I-360 (I'm the battered spouse of U.S. citizen); can I file I-765 (EAD) concurrently with the I-360 or I need to wait for I-360 to be approved first? 

According to the USCIS processing times it takes about 11 months for I-360 to be processed - does that mean I need to wait that long to receive decision and then apply for EAD?

Thank you very much in advance.

***** Email from Diwakar on 9/5/2010

Dr. Sir,

Thank you very much for your advice given to many people like me on your wonderful web site. Now I have a question about I-130 petition. I am a South African citizen currently living in the USA on a F-1 student visa. I got married to a US citizen on July this year, and want to start the green card process. 

I have family living in U.S., my Dad’ sister and her husband, and want to know if they can act as co-sponsors, since my wife and I do not fulfill the “125% above poverty line” requirement for sponsorship. Some people have told me that my aunt & uncle do not qualify since they are not “direct” family, others have told me that they DO qualify since they are blood relatives.

Do I need any extra forms for this, or any other helpful hints you can provide?

Thank you so much.

***** Email from Goyal on 8/29/2010

Dear HelpDesk:

Your web site is very helpful in regard to questions about immigration matters. As a US citizen, I am trying to apply for a green card for my fiance` by following your Do-It-Yourself package. I went through your web site, still not sure which package I should get and fill out if she is my fiance` going to be my wife? 

I think we will be getting married soon and I need to know which form to fill out. She is a from the Philippines and I don't know if we get married there if it will be a legal marriage in the US. Which form should I fill out. The one for a US citizen spouse of for the fiance` and then fill out another one for the spouse when we get married in the US? 

Thank you for your help.  

***** Email from Kashyap on 8/16/2010


I am very glad to let you know that my I-130 application has been submitted to USCIS. Thanks a lot for your tips, suggestions and encouragement. 

Since the pending I-130 application category 2B is through my mother (a green card holder). I know that my mother will become a US citizen in 2 years and I will be eligible for an upgrade for my application. 

However, I will most likely get married before I get my green card. My question: is suppose I got married before I was due for an upgrade into category 3, will I lose my current case and have to reapply again with a brand new case when my mother get her citizenship? When is the soonest I can get married without losing my current case?

Thank you very much, have a great day

***** Email from Lucy on 8/3/2010

Hello Sir/Madam,

I really appreciate your web site and your work. I am really impressed the way this site is designed to make the family information very clear and meaningful for alien interested to become a lawful permanent resident. 

I have following queries regarding US immigration: How long after marrying a US permanent resident I can apply for a green card? (I am married to him since 3 years now) I have 10 year B1/B2 visa, After applying for the green card & till the process is complete, Can I still come to US ? How long green card process takes?

Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks & Regards,

***** Email from Liccardo on 7/26/2010

Dear Sir,

I heard about your great web site and services trough our family friend. I was happy to read many important details on your web site. What I would like to know is which application of all those Do it yourself packages is for the case of me and my wife.

To give you more insight- my wife and I got our asylum status approved about one year ago. We have been told that after one year from this date we can file a green card application. Now is almost one year and we are looking for the information how to file green card application and your site is more than helpful.

Also, is it safe for me to go back to the country a seek asylum for to see my father who is really ill .Can I go and come back without problems with immigration on my return?

Looking forward to hear from you regarding my question. 


***** Email from Wang on 7/14/2010


I found your website very helpful information and would like to ask a few more questions if you can help me out. 

My wife and I had recently married and in the process of filing all her legal papers with USCIS. She came to the US from China through a J-1 visa for a 2 years term. Since she already had the following forms: Form I-765C – Authorization for work, DHS Social Security Card and From I-693 – Medical Examination Result.. Does she still need to reapply for the above requirements?

I would great appreciate if you can share me some information in this regard.

Thank you,

***** Email from Chris on 7/6/2010

Customer Service,

Thank you for the service you provide. Your web site has always been a help to me. I have a question about my green card application for my girlfriend.

My girlfriend of 2 years visa expired and cannot be extended, she is now an illegal. She has a good job, which she could lose soon, we always talked about getting married and now I am wanting to marry her. 

If I marry her will there be any problems because of her expired visa? Also I am self employed, I read where I would have to make sure I can support her 125%? I just do not want to marry her only to have her deported back to Germany. Is there a 2 year rule also? Any help would be appreciated.


***** Email from Kim on 6/24/2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

I visited your very information web site and great customer service. I am wondering if you would be able to help me out with this question. I am currently in the US on TN visa and my H1B petition has recently arrived so I will go back to Canada to re-enter under that status soon.

I know that my wife cannot earn US income from US source while under my current status. (or H1B)  I plan to pursue green card immediately, through my employer. She did publish a book before leaving Canada which she does receive royalty checks for.  These are still going into the Canada business.

She has recently met a potential business partner here in the US and they have developed an adult program / course which shows potential, in fact they have had many requests for the course thus far. Knowing that her participation in this under my current status would not be allowed, we have been reluctant to pursue any further. Are there any options open to her to go into this business partnership? (the partner is a US citizen)
Thank you in advance,

***** Email from Mike on 6/16/2010

Help Desk Sir,

My I-130 application was approved with the help of your  Complete Do-It-Yourself Package for U.S. citizen's spouse. Thank you very much for this. Now, the next step is to file form I-485 to get her Green Card. 

What is confusing me after reading about the I-485 application is that my wife has already gone through most of what is said in the instructions, she has had a full doctors exam, she has gone thru the FBI check or security check, biographical forms and affidavit of support where filed long ago.

I married my wife in china 18 months ago, I filed the I-130 and K-3 visa at that time, her I-797 and I-797c where approved and her visa is good for 2 years and she is here with me in Florida.

We are trying to figure out what to do next, Her I-130 was approved 12 months ago but there are instructions on the actual document that says if my wife is in the U.S, she needs to file the I-485 which is a very expensive form to file.

Please help. Thank you so much for your timely reply! This helps a lot in how to proceed, have a great rest of the week.

***** Email from Nawas on 6/8/2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am really impressed with the immigration information available on your website, and your help extended to the people like us. 

I am an asylee in the US for 7 years now. I have not filed for residency yet, but I am about to get married to my fiance. He is a U.S. citizen. 

I was wondering, should I submit my residency application on my own as an asylee, or would my fiance submit it for me? If so, what forms would we need to submit? 

Thank you very much.

***** Email from Pham on 5/27/2010


I purchased your package for U.S. citizen's wife Green Card application a few months ago. The package has been VERY helpful, but I have one more question:

Under the file "Process Location" it explains what to do if (1) both U.S. citizen and the Foreign Spouse are in the U.S. (2) U.S. Citizen is in the U.S. and the Foreign Spouse is out of the U.S. and (3) U.S. Citizen is in the U.S. and the foreign fiance is out of the U.S. 

I am a U.S. citizen living in Costa Rica with my Costa Rican husband, and I was wondering how the process location would work in my case. Am I still able to apply for the visa even though I am not currently residing in the U.S.? 

Thank you, and look forward hearing from you.

***** Email from Wang on 5/14/2010

Dear Sir,

Is it possible for my grandmother who is a naturalized US citizen and currently resides in a nursing home, able to sponsor her daughter (my mom) who currently resides outside of the US? 

I am on H1 visa but my mom wants to be in the US to look after her mom more. How can I facilitate the process if it is possible since my grandmother doesn't have much of an income?

I want to apply for Green Card for my Mother, by using your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's patents,

Thanks in advance for your help,

Yours Sincerely,

***** Email from Gongill on 5/5/2010

Dear help Desk,

You have a great web site here helping people with their questions. I have a question that I am wondering if you could answer for me.

I am a H1B visa holder, and I have started talking to different attorneys since my boyfriend of two and a half years and I have decided to get married. 

He is in the possession of a Green Card. Since my visa is to expire in September 2011, I would like to apply for permanent residence after our wedding, however, I am getting different information on how to proceed and the length of the application process. 

I hope you could give me the accurate information about the lengths of the application process and my work permit status during that application process. THANK YOU!

***** Email from Yuan on 4/28/2010

Hi Sir,

I want to apply for Green Card for my fiance, by using your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's Spouse,

I am a college student, and my fiance is an alien.  We were going to apply for his Green Card after we marry, but as I was researching the material, I have become worried.  He and I are both college students and are attending the same college mainly based on scholarships.  As such, neither of us make enough to qualify over the poverty line.  He currently lives with his brother, and I have an apartment on campus. 

My parents help me pay for my apartment, and I work a job to have money to live on.  He worked in the summer for his living expenses.  As such, neither of us (together or separate) make over $8,000 a year.  Is there any way to still apply for the Green Card without being able to make more money? 

***** Email from Huang on 4/19/2010

Help Desk Sir,

I found your web site extremely helpful. I am going to get married soon.

I am in the USA on a F-1 student visa (valid until December 2011). I will get married to a US citizen on July 9th 2010, and want to start the Green Card process. 

I have family living in AL , my dad’ sister and her husband, and want to know if they can act as co-sponsors, since my wife and I do not fulfill the “125% above poverty line” requirement for sponsorship. Some people have told me that my aunt & uncle do not qualify since they are not “direct” family, others have told me that they DO qualify since they are blood relatives.

Do I need any extra forms for this, or any other helpful hints you can provide?

Thank you so much.

***** Email from Gladden on 4/10/2010

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your great web site and very helpful service.

I recently got my employer-based I-485 application approval and the Green Card. Now, I want to bring my wife to the United States. We married 5 years ago before I come to the United States. My wife was included to I-140 application that has been sent by my employer and it has been approved. But I could not included my wife in I-485 application because she was in her country. 

Please let me know, as soon as possible, how I can bring my wife to United States now. 

Please advise. Thanks.

***** Email from Chawla on 4/3/2010


I have been looking at your website for 2 years, and it helps me to understand the USA immigration process. I am a question on which Do-It-Yourself Package I need to order. My situation is:

I am a U.S. citizen, I just married -- here in the United States (Georgia) -- a Jamaican national who is here on a visa. We would like to apply for her green card; she is still here in the United States and we intend for her to remain here. She has an extended visa which means she can come and go from/to Jamaica at will.

Your page on the "Do-It-Yourself Package of Green Card Application for U.S. Citizen's Spouse" is to "help a U.S. citizen's spouse (husband or wife) to immigrate to United States." But she is already here. Is that still the proper package for my situation, or is there another?


***** Email from Watiakeni on 3/17/2010

Dear Helpdesk, 

I find your very informative web site when I search the Google!

I am a Permanent Resident (not citizen) originally from Sweden. I have been a permanent resident in the U.S. since 1999. I'm married to an American citizen and have two children, both born in the U.S.

My mom is retiring in Sweden and we would like for her to come and live with us. Can she? What do I need to do in order to make her legal?

I really appreciate your help.

***** Email from Perash on 3/4/2010

Dear Sir, 

I came through your web site and I got interested in your service and do-it-yourself packages. I need some guidance about filing of my wife. 

For your information I am on H1B Visa and my wife on H4 Visa. My sister-in-law has already applied my wife for Immigration. Now My father-in-law is going to be appear on interview on August for his Citizenship and if he get the citizenship and we submit my wife file on his name then Can we stay legally in USA as long as we get approval of her file if i loose my H1B? 

Please give me your views and suggestion. Waiting for your response. 


***** Email from Maria on 2/28/2010

Hello Sir or Madam,

Thank you very much for your very helpful services and answering my previous questions. I have following questions:

I recently got married and my spouse's I-485 just got approved and he will be receiving his Green Card within a month. I would like to know if at this stage I can get my spouse's priority date. I have never applied for a green card myself and I am an F1-visa student. 

If the answer to my question is "yes" could you please tell me what documents I need and what steps I have to take to get my husband's priority date? Actually, I don’t know what it means to get “my husband's priority date”... Somebody very briefly brought up this matter.

Could you please explain to me if at this late stage I can still be included to receive a Green Card along with him or at least in a short period.

I would appreciate if you answer all these questions in detail.


***** Email from LinLin on 2/15/2010

Dear Sir:

Your web site about family immigration is very helpful for people like me, and I want to order the Do It Yourself immigration application package from you. 

I just got married to a US citizen. When should we apply the conditional green card, or is it necessary that we apply for it? Can we wait for next year March to apply if the conditional green card is a must before applying permanent residency card? He has to finish his work in China until next year February. 

And I am an au pair here with J1 visa. I am also wondering if I am subject to the two year residency rule as it says on my visa. However, on my DS 2019 form, the consular at the Embassy marked "not subject to two year rule" when I was in the interview for the visa in China before. I am confused if I should complete the two year residency back in China after my visa's expiration next year May. 

Thank you very much for taking your precious time reading my email.

Many Thanks in advance.

***** Email from Cruz on 2/3/2010

Dear Sir,

My friend referred to your website, for his successful in getting I-130 approved by using your DIY package. I would like to get your help for my situation.

When my siblings and I were minors, my mother applied for asylum. We were not approved because my mother could not properly answer questions because she was suffering from a malignant brain tumor, which later took her away. Our older brother took our case to the appeal court but we still were not approved. Now, I am 18 and would like to obtain a Green Card, can I apply for it myself? 

Will the fact that I was in an asylum case as a minor, prevent me from obtaining a Green Card? Where can I obtain the application and how much does it cost? Also, what is the minimum age required in order to apply for asylum? Do my siblings and I absolutely need sponsors?

Thank you so much for everything and may God truly bless you.

***** Email from Sherby on 1/25/2010

Dear Helpdesk:

Your web site and DIY packages are very helpful about immigration matters we have. Thank you in advance for your help. 

I am under a H1B visa currently during my 2 year J1 waiver and I just married my US citizen husband. I thought I could start my Green Card application process but a friend mentioned that it would be a waste of time since it would not come through since I still have to do the 2 year waiver contract - but I never intended NOT to do it. 

I just wonder if it's true that I would waste the whole Green Card application process and fees (and time).

Thank you, best regards,

***** Email from Steve on 1/15/2010

Dear Sir/Madam,

I found your web site and service is very powerful and helpful. When I found this site made very happy that there is someone who helps me. So kindly assist me to fill up the form, I will be very grateful to you.

My questions are: What number is written in FILE NUMBER of G-325S form? Whose information is provided in Part C of I-130 Form- Here Husband is filling for his wife?

I will be highly appreciated your help.

Sincerely Yours.

***** Email from Shad on 1/7/2010

Dear Sir,

First of all, I want to thank you for your very useful website! My wife has received her family visa but has yet to travel to the US. The address that we have used for the visa application process has recently changed. I called USCIS information number but they gave me vague information and said my wife would have to inform the immigration officer of the address change when she arrived and would probably have to fill out some forms. 

She is not yet in the US and does not have a Green Card yet so she can't us the AR-11 form and the USCIS agent confirmed this. What should we do and what should she expect when she goes to the US?

I thank you in advance for considering my situation.


***** Email from Tim on 1/3/2010

Dr. Sir:

I am considering to apply for Green Card  using your Complete Do-It-Yourself Package. But I have several concerns and hope to get your advice.

I am currently in the US on TN visa and my H1B petition has recently arrived so I will go back to Canada to re-enter under that status soon.

I know that my wife cannot earn US income from US source while under my current status. (or H1B)  I plan to pursue green card immediately, through my employer. She did publish a book before leaving Canada which she does receive royalty checks for. These are still going into the Canada business.

She has recently met a potential business partner here in the US and they have developed an adult program / course which shows potential, in fact they have had many requests for the course thus far.  Knowing that her participation in this under my current status would not be allowed, we have been reluctant to pursue any further.  Are there any options open to her to go into this business partnership?  (the partner is a US citizen).

I would very much appreciate your input on these questions.

Thank you for your help.

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